Saturday, May 19, 2018


 I received this take down notice from YouTube because of a   video I had posted on my YT channel. Actually, the only reason I posted it on YT is because for some reason all the video's I had on Blogger had stopped working for some time. Blogger has since fixed the problems with video's but I left it, and another one on YT. I had made the video and then posted it on KFTU on February 28, 2017 where it can still be viewed under the post's title ("The Truth Is Out There"). The video itself is called "The E Files". It was made using several pieces I had edited together from 3-4 of Euthymios video's found on his weirdly eclectic and slander filled YT channel (Truthbetold7). 


Hmmm, I hadn't known his middle name was Levi till now.

 A couple days later I received another take down notice because another stupid video he had made of him whining over some guy on YT who calls himself "Kobane The Christian ". It seems Euthymios Valdez's pride was damaged because Kobane had at some point been communicating with Valdez and asking him questions about Orthodoxy. It seems Kobane at some time later on had decided to be baptized Orthodox and Valdez believed he was short changed by Kobane because he didn't receive any credit for it. So, I just edited all the "poor, poor me" parts together. The video can also be watched, or rather listened to, on my post from Feb. 9th, 2017 called "I've Been Offended Again, That's Why It Sucks To Be Me !". The video I put together is called "Against Kobane The Christian". Both these video's give the viewer comical insight into the twisted mind that is Euthymios.


 I thought it odd that the first take down was issue by "Albert Levi Valdez", while this one was issued by "TruthBeTold7".

I countered his take downs and You Tube has given him 10-14 days to show proof that he's retained a lawyer to sue me over copyright infringements.

Good luck with that Euthymios, I remember a couple of years ago when he had made a "GoFundMe" page and a video trying to get people to sent him $3400.00 so he could supposedly pay off his debts and enter a monastery. He didn't get one bite, zero, nada, and as you can see he's also never entered a monastery. You can watch this video on my post from November 15, 2015 called"The Dream Of The Green Valdez"
  BTW, there was another guy, Mr. JTO, who had paid some entertainment law firm to send me a fishy threat letter, demanding this and that and a pile of cash be paid, or else he would sue me. I just ignore it and nothing else came of it,  then made a post about it called "... Or Else!!!" from May 3rd 2015.

Update : You Tube has restored the video's after no response from Euthymios Valdez. However, on a positive note (?) this ordeal has given him the inspiration to make a new video about why a Orthodox Christian should never use a lawyer (especially if he has no case).

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Prophets are above everyone else, be they kings, bishops, priests or whoever.
Mr. JTO, aka Nathan Lee Lewis would like us all to read a book he recommends in a Dec. 10, 2014 post called "Understanding The Christian Artist". He even provided a link so you would have no trouble finding and ordering this gem, as if anyone really will order and read it because he asks them to. He would like you to read it in order to justify his position that the Orthodox Church needs "Orthodox film makers", as he would like to be known as, even though he has never made anything even somewhat resembling a "Orthodox film" to date. In the past he has tried to shamelessly  discredit St. John of Kronstadt' writings  against the theater and acting. ***  Lewis doesn't tolerate anyone who dares disagree with anything he says. As he has stated before, they (he,prophets) need not be answerable to any man.  (Self appointed)
                            ST. JOHN OF KRONSTADT 

Lewis promoted this book before in a JTO post of his called "Brass And Cymbals"
He writes trying to discredit the writings of St. John of Kronstadt against the theater, it's actors and those who put their trust in them thus "Critics of Orthodox filmmakers are as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal, for they have not love or understanding. They must rely on obscure examples like Saint John of Kronstadt's rejection of the Russian Theatre" (sic) ... "alas, such critics are Brass and Cymbals! Just noise to the faithful orthodox filmmaker who must be about his Father's business". -- Ha, "faithful Orthodox film maker who must be about his Fathers business" That just sounds like the stupidest thing to say and one that you would expect a jerk like Nathan to write.
   Obscure ! It's hardly obscure, in fact, it's seems perfectly clear what St. John is conveying. I guess Nathan just couldn't bring himself to actually read all of it after the first sentence...

"The theater lulls the Christian life to sleep, destroys it, communicating to the life of Christians the character of the life of heathens" - About the Theater By St. John of Kronstadt.

Isn't it strange  how Nathan will call St. John's position on the theater obscure, as if archaic and not suited for our times, yet has no problem with actually quoting and twisting this same Saint' other writings out of context  to defend and promote his Orthodox Charismatic and prophetic theories.  Lewis has done the same thing with St. Symeon the New Theologian' writings on these subjects. He has shown utter contempt for Fr. Seraphim (Rose) writings on Charismatic's, going so far as to label those who esteem his writings "Roseites". These are pathetic Protestant inspired wranglings that have absolutely no place in Orthodoxy.

                         Franky playing his fiddle

 The book he wants us to get is called "Addicted To Mediocrity" by fake Orthodox author and film maker Franky Schaeffer, maverick son of the late Evangelical Christian theologian, Francis Schaeffer.  This book was published back in 1982. Franky now prefers to be called Frank.  Three years later he began directing feature films like these rotten tomatoes to name a few....

  "Baby on Board (1992)". A slapstick comedy 


  Rebel Storm (1990)". A futuristic action film 

 "Headhunter (1989)". A occult horror film

 And the ever memorial, "Wired to Kill (1986)". A post-apocalyptic action film

   All  are considered some of the worst of their medium, and rock bottom in the careers of those who acted in them. The contrast between what Schaeffer says about how Christian's should approach the arts, and what he himself actually did and said years after this book was published, completely destroys his credibility on the subject of Christian films and artists even though he hadn't labeled them as 'Christian' films per se.

  FRANKY SAYS - "I am a white privileged well off sixty-one-year-old former Republican religious right wing activist who changed his mind about religion and politics long ago"


FRANKY SAYS - " I’ve just spent the last 7 years writing over 200,000 words in blogs and articles in support of President Obama"
FRANKY SAYS - "My emotional stake in his life is now personal" 
 FRANKY SAYS - "God bless you Mr. President... They will bless  your name. So will history" 

Seems as though Nathan was a Obama supporter himself, at least back in 2008 during this antichrist's first term as president, hmm, so much for Mr. JTO's alleged powers of discernment

 The senseless idiotic trash Schaeffer has written really goes well beyond knucklehead. This man has the nerve to ask people to make donations to him on his personal blog so he can keep posting on it.
 The sad part is there are boneheads that actually do send him their money as well as other Lewis-like dunces that promote his books to argue their points, all the while disrespecting the writings of the Saints and those who would honor them.





***About the Theater

By St. John of 

Excerpts from:
My Life in Christ
Archpriest John Iliytch Sergieff (1829-1909)

• The theater lulls the Christian life to sleep, destroys it, communicating to the life of Christians the character of the life of heathens. "They all slumbered and slept"; this disastrous sleep is produced, amongst other things, also by the theater. And what besides? The sciences, taught in the spirit of heathenism, worldly cares carried to excess, love of gain, ambition and sensuality. The theater is the school of this world, and of the Prince of this world – that is, the Devil, but sometimes he is transformed into an angel of light in order to more easily tempt people who are not far-seeing, he sometimes introduces an apparently moral play on to the stage, but this is done in order that everybody should proclaim and repeat that the theater is a most moral institution...

• The theater likewise extinguishes faith and the Christian life, teaching distraction, cunning (or knowledge of the world), a fondness for laughter and joking; it trains clever children of this world, but not children of light. The theater is the opponent of the Christian life; it is the offspring of the spirit of this world, and not of the Spirit of God. True children of the Church do not visit it.

• This present life is not a jest nor a plaything, although men have turned it into a jest and a plaything. They heedlessly play with time, given for preparation for eternity; they play with idle words. They assemble at their friends', sit and talk idly, and then begin to play at something. They go to theaters, and there both the performers and the spectators only amuse themselves.

• What do theaters bring into the hearts of men? The spirit of this world, the spirit of idleness, of idle speaking, of joking, of cunning, and wickedness, of pride, presumption – they do not bring any moral good to anyone. The authors of the pieces and the actors only give people what they have in themselves, their own spirit, neither more nor less.

• No; say what you like, theaters are an ungodly institution. Only penetrate into their spirit and you will agree that they are schools of incredulity, mockery, of the insolent ridicule of everything, and that they are depravity. Woe unto that society in which there are many theaters, and which loves to frequent them! Occasionally, it is true, the theater is the lesser evil for those who love evil.

• The theater and the church – are opposite contrasts. The one is the temple of the world, and the other the temple of God; the one is the temple of the Devil, and the other – the temple of the Lord.



These comments were left on the above mentioned Journey To Orthodoxy post "Understanding The Christian Artist"after I had made the original post. The first comment was made by Lewis' co-Regurgitated Milan Synod sect member, the ever lovable Brew-Deacon Joseph Suaiden. It appears that Nathan's insane rambling are becoming a liability to DJ and the synod. The Brew-Deacon seems to be gently trying to talk some sense into him by pointing out what a outrageous scumbag Schaeffer has become. Of course, one mega-narcissist trying to get another mega-narcissist to understand how stupid he's behaving is futile, especially if the other narcissist fancies himself a God appointed prophet as Nathan does. Lewis contends that Suaiden is off topic for pointing out an article about what a apostate heretic Franky Schaeffer has become. Lewis shoots back that we should pray for Scheaffer but still trust his judgement on actors,,the theater, and whatever so called "Orthodox film makers" do. That it is valid, in fact, more valid than what St. John of Kronstsdt had to say, who he calls obscure!  

  One thing is clear, if Franky ever was Orthodox in his reasoning, he sure is in no way now. Nathan is about as Orthodox as Schaeffer use to be, no very much except the superficial cosmetics. If Nathan wants any traditional Orthodox followers to trust himself or Schaeffer's judgements about anything then they both need to shut up and repent of all their mindless fantasies.

>    Anonymous8:12 PM

>    Franky now refers to himself as "an atheist who believes in God", as of
>    the last article I read of him.
>    --Dcn J

>    Reply
>    Nathan Lee Lewis
>    Dcn J- A little off topic, but that's okay. I am aware of Franky's
>    crisis of faith. This does not negate the validity of what he wrote
> about the arts. Reminds me of a man named Peter, who also did and said some foundational things before completely denying the Christ. He repented and was forgiven. We can pray that Franky will repent also.

  Nathan does have a way with words. This clown just needs to fold up his circus tent and come up with a new act.
 Joanna ("Jezebel") Higginbotham made some insightful comments, here they are....

"Suaiden has finally met his match.  Two peas in a pod.  Birds of a
feather.  Bobbsey Twins.  Nobody can tell Nathan anything unless it is
something he already knows.  I wonder if Suaiden realizes that Nathan
knows more than he does and that he is spiritually inferior – less
spiritually developed, than Nathan?"