Thursday, August 20, 2015


Here's something interesting from 2004. Anastasios Hudson said Milan is full of "strange vagante's" back then.


  1. Great advise Anastasios Hudson. I have some advise for you too. I suggest that you take your own advise and stop pandering to Joseph Suaiden, his NFTU and his vagante regurgitated Milan Synod aka The True Orthodox Metropolia of North & South America & British Isles aka Autonomous American Metropolia. Nothing good can come from it.

  2. It is good for Anastasios to be clear about this, because his public association with NFTU sends an unspoken message of his approval of the Milan synod. This can be a stumbling block for some, and confusing for others.

  3. I was confused at one time, and I think Anastasios is confused at the present time. That will happen, if you listen, and put faith in Joseph Suaiden's convoluted explanations at justifying the existence of his group as a canonical Orthodox body. J.Mahomond Suaiden has written more fairy tales than the Brothers Grimm.

  4. I've never considered the Milan Synod to be canonical; I do not accept the Tomos of Autonomy that Archbishop Auxentios granted in 1984 as being in any way valid, nor do I think that the claims that the Milan Synod has made to Western Europe and restoring dioceses holds any weight.

    That being said, Met. Evloghios has never been deposed by our Synod and is still an Orthodox bishop. That doesn't mean that we automatically accept all his acts--especially ordinations--that flow from him, but I tend to be of the opinion that we should treat them as "valid" at least in view of a possible future reconciliation.

    In regards to my work on NFTU, I asked to become a contributor so that I could share news articles on the GOC that were not being shared previously. They were not being shared out of some kind of conspiracy of silence, but rather out of a lack of time on the others' part. So I started posting things. However, I simply don't have the time to post, and probably will officially resign at some point soon, for this reason, and because of the asinine comment battles that occur there.

    With all that being said, Dcn. Joseph Suaiden is a good guy, and I don't like what is said about him on this site. He certainly does not have some "power" over me, as I have always maintained the above points and have been quite clear on this. I've had my run-ins with you before, Minas, where you interpreted things I have said in ways I did not intend, and I just don't see the fruit in discussing any of these issues with you at all. But rest assured that I am not "confused" about anything. I believe the GOC of Greece under Archbishop Kallinikos is the only canonical GOC of Greece. That being said, the way to reconciliation with other parties is not to be hard-headed and combative, but open (while remaining firm) and conciliatory. This is, after all, how the GOC and former SiR were able to be reconciled. Let's take the same approach with the former Milan Synod, instead of this constant meme war.

  5. Thanks for reading KFTU. So you think Suaiden is a good guy, I guess your a reader of his slander blog, Cranky Yankee's also. Do you like and agree with what he's said about myself, Joanna Higginbotham and Daniel Everiss ? BTW, what do you think about his groups new prophet/reader, the guy you baptized when you were a priest, Nathan Lee Lewis ? Have you read his JTO slander blog ? I imagine you must consider him a good guy too. Are you in agreement with what he's said there about us and about ROCA priest Fr. Gregory Williams ? I think your a nice guy, too nice perhaps. Did you noticed I added your blog to the blog list here ? If you like I could remove it and if you don't like what I've written about Suaiden then you don't have to come here and read it. I didn't start this blog until Nathan started writing untruths about me or until Suaiden started his slander blog.You should resign NFTU, but you do need to spend time actually taking care of the Ecafe instead of just using it now to promote your books. Since you turned it over to that dingbat Maria to run as administrator, even before that with making J Gress administrator, now still there as a moderator (nuff said), it's gone way, way downhill from it heydays,

  6. Psychopaths are skilled at appearing to be "nice guys". He certainly performed a great "nice guy" act for Archbishop Chrysostomos back when Minas resigned from NFTU.

    Please do not include ROCA on NFTU. We do not fit in with schismatics.
    According to recent Church Fathers, we can not expect any reconciliation with the fragments as a whole, only possibly some individuals will find us. This is true on all levels of ecumenism, including jurisdictional ecumenism.
    The gulf between the Royal Path Sister Churches and the fragments/schisms is increasing before our eyes.
    And, I do not see a meme war. Suaiden does not do memes – he is no good at them. Suaiden is good at debating. Minas is not.
    I have done much pondering (and I continue to ponder) the KFTU. What I see is that Suaiden is a stumbling block. Different people have different ways of dealing with stumbling blocks. Some people walk around them, but some point a light on them so that others might not also stumble over them. It is not good for the walk-arounds to criticize the light-pointers. One way is not superior to another – it depends on that person's soul.

  7. Sorry Anastasios, I accidentally deleted your last comment. I meant to publish it, I really did. If you could resend it I will.

  8. Hi Joanna,

    NFTU is primarily a site that reposts news articles. Sometimes, Dcn Joseph Suaiden posts an eitorial, but people who don't agree with him are not going to agree with him or be swayed. Most of the time, people go there to read news articles. I don't get why you wouldn't want ROCA news articles on there, too. Would you object to CNN writing an article about ROCA, because they are secular? Just seems to be defeating the purpose, like, "we don't want people to get the wrong idea about ROCA, so we're going to isolate ourselves and never correct anyone's false ideas, and in the meantime, criticize everyone who has the wrong idea about us." I just don't get that.


  9. Absentee owner of Ecafe Anastasios, how about correcting that Ecafe of yours, which is responsible for spreading false idea's, outright lies and confusion about the GOC-K and our sister church ROCA with slanderous baseless lies thanks to that enemy of our jurisdiction like the one you put in charge there, Maria, not to mention that conspiracy theorist un-churched wacko Cyprian and that antichrist Muslim apologist troll Catherine5, who is back on with a new ID as a fake RTOC member calling herself Barbara
    I wrote you a email about the situation there yesterday at this address anastasios0513@yahoo,com but checking my send box now I see for some reason it may not have been sent so I'm re-sending it.
    I suggest you just delete ecafe completely, it's doing harm to our own synod because you don't seem to care about it much anymore. Or you could just hand it over to Maria and remove yourself completely from it so you don't scandalize GOC_K and our sister churches, I think you do enough harm rubbing elbows with Suaiden, Isolating ourselves from our enemies seems the best solution at this point

  10. I'm sorry the comment got deleted; I won't have the time to re-write it entirely. For that reason, I'll just bullet-point it.

    1) I told Dcn Joseph Suaiden I thought he should remove his blog, too.

    2) I wish you would both stop it.

    3) Saying something positive about DJS has nothing to do with Nathan Lee Lewis. I won't speak about him, a) because it would involve pastoral matters and b) because of I don't want to get involved in the go-around, but I will state that I never approved of his prophet blog, and I disagree with much on the JTO blog.

    4) I will consider what you write about ECafe. As far as being an absentee owner, I suppose I am negligent to some extent. But I always have hopes of returning to more closely managing it and my other projects. I did not expect the setbacks in my personal life to continue on as long as they have. I lament the lack of time I have for my beloved websites and writing projects. :(