Saturday, August 1, 2015


This is taken from OrthodoxWiki talk:Administrators

Seems Joe was engaged here in a blog war in 2009 with a Father Benjamin Johnson and created a personal attack website against him. Nothing new under the sun for Joe, he been doing this since at least 1999, even worse stalking his victims back then till the police got involved. For details, see the post called " IS JOE MAHOMOND SWAYDYN aka JOSEPH SUAIDEN A CYBER-STALKER?"

 "The allegation of personal spite, which Joseph levels, is rich coming from a man who ran a blog dedicated to attacking me by name. People alerted me Joseph addresses me "personally" on his blog's "why" page (mission statement), calls me a "cultist," and warns me to "prepare well. Because we have unfinished business." (If these quotations, which I'm told are located here, are inaccurate, please so state; I will gladly withdraw them.) Fr. Andrew, I agree that what people do elsewhere is irrelevant, unless they try to import it here. Yet in the last 24 hours we have seen the discussion being diverted away from the objective facts of the article at hand to an attack upon my character and imputing an agenda. (A "warlike and unChristian" agenda, no less!) And a call for my censorship from a man who runs a blog dedicated to, finishing business, with me'' 


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    In case the wiki page has been changed or deleted, here is a copy from February 2011.