Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Joseph Suaiden Super Cyber Slanderer Extraordinaire


  Addressing the slanderous allegations made against me by The regurgitated Milan Synod Brew Deacon in one of his newly created cyber slander blogs

"My first encounter with Minas was unexpected. Apparently, as a catechumen, I met this guy in Miami"
 In Miami, about 1997-98, at St. Vladimir ROCOR church parish hall, I met Joe, a man whose whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. It was early evening and I'm not sure why I entered the hall but I unexpectedly encounter him laying on the floor. He quickly jumped up to introduce himself, he was supposedly a friend of the priests oldest son, (something he later denied) and that he was given permission to stay there a few days. He said he didn't get along at home with his Hispanic Roman Catholic mother and his Muslim Arab father and was asked to move out. I still wonder why they would have done that to this charming cocky know it all gasbag. Seems at the time he had moved back home after going through a divorce with his first Orthodox wife, Adelaide*. Read about it here  and here

  "he felt years later that he could anonymously introduce himself to my wife as “a dog, a big dog”
Semi true, I was new to Facebook and did introduce myself as a big dog. However I thought I was addressing Joe, not his wife. One day I asked a mutual acquaintance if the JS, whose comic book appreciation blog I had recently encountered, was the same JS as I had met in Miami. He laughed, "yea, that's him, that's Sauiden". Some time later, new to Facebook, I saw two profiles side by side, with the same exact profile photo, the "Orthodoxy Or Death" logo. One was JS, the other his wife

Mistakenly,  I PM'd her instead of him, and believing it was JS,  jokingly introduce myself as a big dog.

"and began sending messages to my wife saying “I know your husband”, and trying to talk to her."
False. I didn't begin sending her messages. I did say sorry my mistake, I know your husband from Miami, after she had started cursing me. I kept trying to explain the mix up but she would have none of it. Then JS got on and also started cursing me. I kept trying to explain who I was and where I knew him, trying to apologize for my mix up but they would have none of it. They kept ranting at me so frustrated, I signed off. I believe they may have been drinking or on some mind altering substance. At least that's the impression I got. 

"How do I know this was Minas? Well, that’s the really amazing part. He told me."
True, I did tell him, years later, when doing work for him on NFTU. Before I became aware of his narcissistic self serving nature, his jurisdictional ecumenism agenda, and his vagante and un-canonical status as a Milan Synod deacon. 

 I had been sending him news tips for quite some time and it was his wife who contacted asking me to please be a part of their staff. I hadn't realize just what she was asking at the time and said OK. Later I found out that they wanted me to be on staff and post directly using the dashboard. I was a bit surprised yet since I had already accepted I thought I may as well go along with it and see how it goes with helping them. I ended up doing most of the legwork for a long time for free while they used their new found leisure time to crete other blogs and who knows what else. After a while, I wanted to clear up the air with what happened on Facebook years before. But really deep down I was  hoping they would still be angry about it so I would have a good excuse to leave. Both Suaiden's had gotten comfortable with me there and began treating me as some kind of paid employee and talking down to me. When I did tell him it was me on FB he just laughed about it and said not to worry, he understood, accepting my explanation. Of course he did, he wouldn't want to lose his workhorse over a misunderstanding. So, I continued to serve this jerk for a while longer.
Now he's making a big deal out of it and changing his story.

"Minas was apparently embroiled in a fight in the Kimisis parish of the GOC-Kallinikos in Florida where he had been slandering the parish board– he referred to it in conversation with me as “the Kimisis (sic) mafia”– on (surprise!) anonymous Facebook accounts"
This part is really laughable. Yes I did refer to the parish board as the Kimissis mafia in a conversations with him. But, the part that I said this to him on a anonymous FB accounts is a total lie, hogwash to put it gently. where does he come up with this stuff ? Oh yea, it's JS. BTW, how do you tell if he's lying ? Easy, he's moving his lips and, or, his fingers across his keyboard of course.

"About a month after the dog incident, Minas became a frequent and commenter on NFTU, and wanted to reach out to me personally." 
Total lie ! It was years later that I did any work for him or told him it was me. His wife is the one who reached out to me to help them
 BTW, something funny, after I broke with them JS made a posting on the Ecafe asking for volunteers which read "Hungry Dogs Wanted to help on the NFTU news team" Another funny thing,he had related to me that he felt his NFTU was in some sort of competition with them for readers and if I had any idea's how we could best them. Later, he managed to somehow talk the Ecafe owner to allow him to provide links to his articles on their sidebar. Ecafe already had Portal Credo on their sidebar. After NFTU got on they were both on it for a while, then Portal Credo disappeared from it altogether, another coup for JS. Now, it can be said since JS got his hooks in it and the lack of interest shown to it by the owner, other than to list it on his resume, that and the current moderators who have made it very tribal with it's private forums, that the site has really gone downhill as far as it's importance as a True Orthodox message board is concerned. You could say JS is now a not so silent partner.

"When I put out a request for writers, an editor’s worst nightmare came true: Minas offered his services. Back when I was still new at being a cleric and I wanted to be the nicest guy ever, I took him on".
This is hilarious, yea right, you wanted to be a nice guy, bend over the table Minas. His story makes no sense.

"Basically two problems came to the fore. The first was that, well, the man’s an awful writer
Oh, I hadn't realized that, sorry Joe, wish you would have said something about this all the time I was writing stuff for you there, I would have tried to do better. 

"The second was that Minas had a penchant for posting stories about “miraculous events in World Orthodoxy” (some of which are fraudulent, but none of which are of interest to True Orthodox, who are not in communion with them)"
Gee, sorry again, I hadn't realized. Again, Iwish you would have said something about this then. I thought the title "True Orthodox and Ecumenical News" had something to do with reporting World Orthodoxy's ecumenism also. Silly me ! What a jerk, Joe's head so big it's got it's own orbit.
Oh boy, this is getting tiresome, let me try to end this. No, I never got sued by anyone at Kimmissis.
If Joe didn't need me and thought that way all that time why didn't he do something about it ? Why was I the one to leave NFTU and have him crying sour grapes in an email to the then Archbishop Chrysostomos of SIR (now Bishop Chrysostomos with GOC_K) saying he had considered me his friend and trying to get him involved to get me back on NFTU ?  Why did AB Chrysostomos gently but totally rebuked him?
BTW, Met. Chrysostomos had also put down his entire entire synod as not meeting the criteria as a valid Orthodox jurisdiction in a response to another letter he and a couple others in his group had sent him not too long ago. Narcissist that he is, he actually posted this response to his letter and published it, counting it a victory that he even got a negative reply! The mind of a narcissist certainly is a senseless and dangerous thing that is best ignored.

"And it was right about then that he told me about the dog"
You are full of doggie poo JS

"Now, had I found out about this at the outset I would have told him to walk and not let the door hit him on the way out. But at this point I had invested time and energy. I was now involved:"
Correction, you are so full of monkey crap. 

"As calls to remove Minas increased, I discovered a new blog that was out for my head. Whereas the “ROCOR Refugees” (which at the time was basically Dan Everiss and Joanna Higginbotham, as well as a few unfortunate people who ended up working with them) had their own blog, much of their time was spent bullying arguing with True Orthodox on NFTU to the point where True Orthodox posters were telling me they felt unwelcome."
You are one lying malcontent of a person Joe

"Minas, unfortunately, joined their crowd. Made perfect sense, right? After all, they were all Cyprianites. But I was kind of hoping that he would have found a less… hostile crowd."
I agree, makes perfect sense. They rebuke your vagante synod and they are all hostile. Thanks for the concern, I had the impression you didn't care any longer

 "Unfortunately, he fit right in." 
Unfortunate for you and you agenda's

 "Apparently they don’t know what a “threat” is. Threatening people with violence, as Minas has, is a threat"
 I threatened who with what?

  "From there, it only gets worse. Minas wanted off NFTU. Publicly of course, I said “sad to see 
you go”, et cetera. But in my mind I heard this:"
At this point in his rambling post he inserts a You Tube video of Handel's Messiah, how original. I'll take the liberty of inserting one that portrays what he was really hearing in his mind 



  1. I think I have copies of those emails Joseph sent to +AC trying to manipulate +AC into forcing you to return to NFTU, or at least to punish you for leaving. +AC didn't seem to notice that Joseph was being manipulative, but he did not get manipulated into doing what Joseph wanted. I wonder if readers would like to see those emails... A manipulator at work – excellent true living example of pure psychopathic form.