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After all, he has God on his matter what, and who can stand against that ? You had better believe it or you will justly bring down fire, severe wrath and afflictions upon your miserable heads. You see, Joe has an extreme narcissistic personality, and if he can't get his way he becomes a very hostile and vengeful beast who will stop at nothing to see to it you are punished, one way or another. Now if that doesn't seem to be working he will alternately or at the same time use the poor, slandered Martyr Joseph approach in order to gain sympathy, as seen here in his blog, "The Signora", or The Siesta as I like to call it. Notice these two comments at the posts end, which I have moved up here. Something seems fishy about them, notice the times. Some guy just happens to be up at 4:25 am and just happens runs across this ? Then JS just happens to be up at that time and posts his comment at 4:37 am ? Rather suspicious but works out wonderfully for The Great One to add one more bid for sympathy and another poke at us refugee's...

Not really. (Ironically, the folks who hate my guts also call me “Mr. Suaiden”, as a way of saying I’m not really a “Deacon Joseph”.) I appreciate the sentiment though ;
There, there, Joe. See, I called you Joe, feel better now. I don't hate your guts but I do I hate your bullshit, and, I do think you're a deacon, a fake deacon in a vagante group which calls itself true Orthodox. I mean sorry, but this is the best I can muster to say about you Mr. Suaiden, ah, Swaydyn, I mean Joe.


"Should I be engaging in an Internet war?

A part of me has to question the morality of going after people who have demonstrated a willingness to lie and slander in the ecclesiastical sphere– and expose them with force"
 Who you asking, your Met. John ? I believe you had written he already gave you the go ahead to attack us. He hates being exposed too. So you and your buddy Prophet-reader Nathan aka the third person called JTO marched ahead for your synod, your metropolitan, and most of all for the defense of your own wounded honors. 
 Historically, your many past actions prove you love and live for confrontation in the form of blog wars, forum postings and emailings. Unfortunately for you, this time, once I get done presenting all the facts I know about you, you'll be the one having been exposed as a lying, self serving, phoney. Haven't you heard? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
. "I’m getting older, and the truth is, my health is not the best. Even I’m wondering if this is a good idea. Before 2010, I was actually pretty happy posting on NFTU. I didn’t do it with an agenda. I did it with a desire to report on True Orthodoxy all over the world. I was happy."
  Yea, I feel ya bro, I'm getting old too and my health is not the best either. I'll tell you, it's really not a good idea for either of us. But, I kind of feel it's my duty now to tell everyone about how big a jerk you are, if they're too naive to see. Your happy as long as your peeing and everyone getting wet believe it's just raining on them. Your true motives are to dissimulate, divide, and confuse people into accepting who you want them to believe you are, accept your jurisdictional ecumenism, and accept the status of your vagante, pretend church group as being canonical . Please, enough of these nonsensical bids for status and sympathy.

"After the cranks attacked, almost from inside, however, something inside me changed as a writer/blogger."
I believe he's been suffering from some form of  lycanthrope since birth...

                        Quick, someone get the wolfbane and silver bullets !

"Every post suddenly became a chore. Every request to put up a news story became a million questions in my head, why, should I, who am I helping, who am I harming, do I even want to bother. The cranks thought that they were attacking me for their own sick reasons for years now. Even now it’s like I’m on trial for them (“Can we all see now that Joseph Suaiden is not our friend?“) and that’s the grand joke of it."
  Si, Jose is no me amigo. But if I saw him broke down by the side of the road I'd probably stop and give him a ride to the nearest bus stop.
"By then, I didn’t care.
These sick people finally broke me in 2010 and didn’t realize it. I’d survived HOCNA, Gregory of Colorado’s cult, death threats from the Luriyites, getting thrown out of ROAC for, basically, nothing, getting trashed repeatedly by a whole bunch of people in my Synod for existing (thank God, they left to the ROCOR-MP), but at least I still had NFTU. "
  Yea, you have been around the block several times. BTW, you forgot to mention using those fake names and harassing that nun on the phone and online back in 1999 which led to her getting the Canadian police involved for your cyber stalking activities. Of course you repented after being threatened with jail time.  I have devoted a entire post to this subject BTW
 I doubt seriously you received any death threats, more than likely you made some. 
 As far as being thrown out of ROAC for basically nothing, well, might it have been because they learned that you left your first wife and four children to marry you present wife with three children who had left her first husband to be with you ? Possibly. I have devoted an entire post to this subject also
  I recall when I was doing work for your NFTU in 2010, your telling me you were having problems with a priest monk, Simon Salos. I guess you resented him because he was taking away some of your spotlight when he returned to the synod again. You two had a little war going on between you for quite a while.You told me he had had an affair with a woman and got her pregnant, while being a priest monk. Then he had left your synod to be with her. It didn't work out well for him and he return with his tail tucked between his legs. You said Met. John forgave him but demoted him to being just a plain monk, hence the name change from Simon Salos to Symeon Bar Yohanan, BTW, cool names. Well I guess your Met. finally ordered you both to cool it and you to keep your mouth shut about the whole affair and get along with him. Had to put on a good public face and avoiding bad press for your synod and him, of course. Quite the peacemaker, it wouldn't have looked good if these kind of things got out. Unfortunately and evidently though, I'm not the only one you told this to because I heard that others know about all this and have been talking also.
"And then these people came from the newly formed Agafangelites wanting to be helpful with everything. And then they turned around and slandered us." 
 No, actually it was you and Xenia who came asking my help. She sent me an email asking me to join your NFTU team. Of course that was before I had you figured out. 
 It was Xenia, the 'web designer" who got "friendly" with Joanna Higginbotham and tried fooling her into letting Xenia become an administrator of her Rocor Refugee's blog under the pretense of helping her "fix things". She also made the "suggestion" that Joanna move all her blogs into the one. Now wouldn't that have been just wonderful, kind of like inviting a snake to bed. Fortunately Joanna had the sense to figure out Xenia was up to something not good and refused any more of her "help."

  "I gave up. I hated NFTU for four years. I repeatedly tried to quit, with others, most importantly my wife, asking me to keep it alive. It was then that I went back to something no one could take away from me. It was soccer, and it was the spirit of my father, whose death was still fresh in my mind. The most they could do was call it a stupid hobby, or ridiculously tie it to ecumenism– and I didn’t care, since they slandered me as an ecumenist anyway! And well, my friends know the rest of my story."
 "The spirit of your father" You mean your father's Muslim spirit ?
  "Soccer", you mean your soccer analyst and beer tasting hobby ?

 "I’m still recovering from that parting shot, and other events in life that messed me up. It’s taken me a couple of years. But I’ve gotten better."
  I knew you could do it. But please, continue going to those AA meeting and stay away from the Soccer and beer parties
"And the cranks were irrelevant to me again…. until they attacked my Bishop for doing the right thing and attacking heresy."
  My opinion is he made an outrageous claim he can't back up. Others also feel this way too it seems. His trying to use St Philaret's name with some made up story just to give himself credibility. As I have written, if his story can be positively proven from a source that is above reproach, then I will gladly apologize and ask his and your forgiveness.

"Until they attacked someone venerated as a saint (Elder Theodore) by many people — because of false accusations thought up by the Evlogians (that would be Metropolitan Evlogy, not Evloghios)."
 This man is in no way a saint, nor was he an elder, although Joe's synod is trying to portray him as such. I suspect because they want to canonize a saint in their synod to make themselves look more legit.  I have addressed this subject in a separate post called, REGURGITATED MILAN SYNOD GAVE ASYLUM TO FALSE ELDER FROM AN ASYLUM 

"Me, I’m garbage and I know it. You can call me a drunk or all sorts of names all day long (I will get defensive about “heretic”, as the Fathers do)… but you attack good people? Well, that changes everything."
 Another plea for sympathy using fake humbleness, piety, and loyalty IMHO. Narcissists love to fall back on this tactic.

"I’m still ambivalent about NFTU. I don’t know if I will, 10 years after its founding, ever get that joy back I lost. Probably not. But I believe there are True Orthodox Christians still willing to tell the truth as honestly as possible. Maybe I won’t see them in my lifetime. But I hope to leave them an example of the right way to report– honestly, without partisanship."
  Pretty good Joe, you should try getting a job as a speech writer for Obama. Makes me want to vomit.

"And to do that, I will need to challenge the very people who psychologically broke me four years ago. Let this be my testament then. If I repose beforehand…. let this be my explanation as to why."
  I will say a prayer for Joseph  Mahomond Swaydyn soul should he repose before being victorious
 Re: Please Pray for Joseph Suaiden


  1. >>Let this be my testament then. If I repose beforehand…. let this be my explanation as to why."<<

    Unbelievable. Read this again. Unbelievable.

  2. If he were a woman I'd call him a drama queen. I guess it would be drama king then but I think drama deacon fits better. are there actually people who take these outrageous statements he makes seriously? He could give Nathan a few acting lessons.

  3. Suaiden really believes this. He believes his own act. He is a psychopath. Psychopaths are one big walking living breathing lie. The mere existence of truth is a threat to them. Truth has the power to annihilate them – to "kill" them. So they always feel "attacked" by truth.

    They believe their own lie/lies. It is said that their belief in their own lies is what makes them sound so convincing to others. I think that is part of it, but not the main reason. I think the main reason they are convincing to others is the same reason Antichrist will be convincing.

    St. John S&SF explains what it is that will cause everyone to be fooled by Antichrist in his famous sermon on the Last Judgment.

    People who are fooled by the lesser psychopaths are in danger of being fooled by Antichrist who will be the ultimate "act" – the ultimate "lie". Antichrist will believe himself to be the Christ. Most all the world will be convinced it is so.

  4.  Re: Please Pray for Joseph Suaiden

    Did you read through Suaiden's 2004 ECafe post?

    What a bunch of psycho-babble. All designed to evoke pity, (which it did).

    Real Orthodox don't think in terms of contemporary psycho-babble. We think in terms of passion, pride, weakness, self-love, pleasure, penance, abstinence, etc.

    Joseph goes through this whole self-absorbed spiel just excusing himself. Making excuse with excuses in sin.

    Apparently Suaiden screwed up bad enough that he had to pretend repentance to save face. I don't see any repentance in there. He diagnosed himself as a non-addict drinker using the internet, and he's already thinking about his next drink after he gets through the supposed "recovery". Genuine Recovery Programs start only after a Rehab program, and they last for several years (maybe a lifetime for hard core alcohol abusers).

    Psychopaths are famous for feigning repentance when they are cornered. And they are quick to spot anything that will get them sympathy.

    The serial killer gives us an extreme exaggeration of this pattern, making it easier to detect in the lesser psychopaths such as the narcissist end of the spectrum of psychopathy. Serail killer Tom Sells blames his derangement on supposed childhood abuse, excuses himself by saying her was doing mercy killings, – but truth is, he tortured and murdered for the rush.
    7 minutes

  5. What normal person tries to start a blog war saying, "So let's get started. This should be fun."

  6. Joe loves a fight. One time in 2008 on ECafe he found somebody, a certain Nicholas, to get in the ring with him. The spectators superficially judged it as a fight, but Joe said no, it was not a fight. Joe was having fun. During the "fun" Nicholas pointed out that Joe is paranoid, double-minded, vindictive, and "excels at projection".

    NICHOLAS SAYS TO JOE: At least you excel at projection. (you say) I am full of myself because I asked you to look at your own (jurisdictional) wanderings and where you've wound up? Do we dare not approach Joe Suaiden with an observation, except on our knees? Are you the Oz of Orthodoxy?

    Joe was having fun, but Nicholas was not. Nicholas was unwillingly cast into the role as the contender in Suaiden's imaginary boxing ring. Nicholas was serious, but to Joe it was just a game where he was honing his skills at dodging points of truth. Nicholas was an unwitting human trying to reason with a psychopath. And the spectators –the ones who spoke up– saw them as equal contenders. That is common for the spectators. You really pretty much have to have first hand experience with a psychopath to be able to recognize one. And Nicholas was getting some of that first hand experience.

    If link above does not work:
    This topic has already been censured at least once. I'm saving a file-copy of what is left as of Nov. 2014 which I can share by email.

  7. "Christian Benenati" comes out of the woodwork at 4:30am and feels a need to comment on a post that has to be less than 4½ hours old. Suaiden also is up at that hour and replies to his comment. Then, Christian Benenati disappears back into the woodwork.

    Guess who Christian Benenati is? Guess who is talking to himself again?

  8. Oh, I see your here again Mr. Stalker Troll. This time you actually left a comment and actually did it in a not so secret way by signing it as the Deacon. Well Brew Deacon Joseph Suaiden, I'll let you in on a secret, you see I know you've been been visiting this blog quite regularly using a IP changing program in an effort to hide your identity. This time your from Tel Aviv, Israel huh. you've been all over the world with that IP hiding program haven't you. Moving on, so it's time to feed the troll. Your hungry and are off your diet are you? Better be careful though, your co-vagante buddy Nathan may write another homily about obese clergy to edify you and the rest of your crew that he deems to be too fat to be clergy. Remember the Episcopal Protocol, you better get back on the wagon as far as your weight (and your slander blogs) or you may never make priest in your club.