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A Nun Gets The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Hate Crimes Unit Involved !

OCCNA members comment are in white
Joseph Suaiden's alleged comments are in blue
My comments are in yellow

 In 1999 Joseph Suaiden had joined the vagante Orthodox Catholic Church in North America, just another one of many in his jurisdictional travels.  
 It would seem that Joe was excommunicated from this group after he went along with another vagante breakaway group,  the "Roman Orthodox Church" led by a excommunicated priest turned bishop, Denis Garrison.  If your interested,  more info on all this  can be found here :

This is from 1999 in the The Excommunicate Hall of Shame of the OCCNA (ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA)
" The Internet is a relatively new media form and there is very little control over what is published. Tracing information can be difficult and costly. Because of this, people have, for some reason that escapes me, used this media to attack others based on little or nothing. I assume they derive some sort of pleasure from attacking their fellow man. Because of this, many on the Internet have used terms such as "Kooks", "Loonies" and Internet "Trolls" to describe people who derive pleasure out of attacking others".... "The detractor, unfortunately and apparently, spends more time attacking our humble jurisdiction than he spends working out his own salvation."... "Such attacks have included blasphemy and profanity! This person is obviously unbalanced psychologically."...  "We pray for our enemies as we pray for our friends. We pray that our detractor(s) will find the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ one day by joining with the Body of Christ; the Orthodox Church and in so doing be freed from the demons that inspire him to work evil."....
....."Below is a puff piece written by Joseph Mahomond Swaydyn (, and heavily edited by Denis Garrison, which does violence to historical fact, Orthodoxy, and the corporate name of THEOCACNA (The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc.), under the direction of Metropolitan Victor Prentice, [the Holy Synod of] which excommunicated the
 names here." 

A list of name's follows, Suaiden's included
This is what Joe writes about the above [14 April 1999]:
"My "silly puff piece" was the result of eight months of investigation, including joining their seminary (NOT their jurisdiction.) That was quite clear from the start." 
 Their response to this statement:
  [Editor notes: How does one join an allegedly orthodox seminary without joining the jurisdiction -- unless either or both are bogus.]
But then Swaydyn contradicts himself with:
"I had mentioned that I would join less than a day or two ago [ie 12 or 13 April 1999]. I hadn't taken vows. 'and" I think I was just listed as a brother there honorifically."
i.e..."vows"  And, "I think"...
Honorifically! Is that something like being awarded the key to the city ?
( From this is no longer a valid link)
 What follows is a long article by Joeseph Suaiden , and to give the devil his due, largely accurate. However, it appears that the malcontent Joe wasn't satisfied yet and felt the need to harass these people via emails and phone calls using false identities, until such time as they had had enough of these shenanigans and got the Canadian Police involved.


 Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:59:48 -0700
From: "Joe.Swaydyn"
Subject: I hope you are happy you slime
"Dear [name of innocent party elided]:
I hope you realize just how much you will have to answer for."

"Look at what you've done. Vladika did nothing to you.... Poor Father.... he would simply talk about all the stress, and how people could be so filled with hate. Well, read it your damn self, you scum.
You make me sick. I hope I don't ever catch the disease that created you, you monster-- I am angry enough as it is....I pitied you. But not today. I'll find a way to stop you... somehow. I'll put that page back up-- I will end this nightmare-- before you kill anymore innocent people. You claim to be a Christian....You bastard
Joe "
".Stop sending email to this account."
From [April 22, 1999]
"It is with deep sadness that we announce the untimely repose of His Beatitude, Vladika ANDREI, Metropolitan of All Canada. . . The Rev. Mother-Deaconess Anastasia Chancellor of the Metropolia "
"Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:"
 >-From: "Orthodox Church of Canada"
>-To: [name elided]
>-Subject: You win
>-Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:02:37 EDT

>-[name elided]:

>-Alright, I capitulate. You win.
>-What can I do to end this harassment?

I'm not sure who this one below is to, since the name was elided. Joe claims it wasn't him, maybe not, hard to tell. However there really can be no doubt as to who the nun was referring to when she says this, now can there? "Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:"

From: "Orthodox Church of Canada"
 To: [forwarded]
Subject: Re: You win
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 20:41:16 EDT
"Very cute, [name elided].
So you were "Igor" the fake Russian who called the other night. You should have called me back, and we could have played some more games together!
So obvious, when you promptly updated your webpage to list my one-time surname (it is properly Niebler, not Arenburg) and my son's civil name of Stephen (you spelled it wrong!)
Vladika ANDREI created this account and had only used it to e-mail once before today, and that was the message that follows. You stupidly have given us all the evidence we need by replying to this box from your "Aberrant" account. We have confirmed your identity. Better hire a good criminal lawyer fast! One who specializes in international law! Tee hee!
Soon you will be in prison, much to our blessed relief! We shall pray that God heals you of your mental illness soon.
 Nun Anastasia"
 >To: (aka Joe Mahomond Swaydyn)
>Subject: Timely clarification
>Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 20:38:38 -0700 (PDT)
>In response to your specious and unoriginal objections regarding the
>unfortunate excommunication of Denis Garrison et al (see
>, the
>"[The Editor further notes that there were _more_ than three _valid_
>Orthodox bishops on the THEOCACNA synod which excommunicated Garrison
>et al and that the constitution of THEOCACNA, Inc. requires only one
>signature of the Archbishop-President or acting locum tenens of the
>Presidency of the Holy Synod to sign such a document.]"
>Do not respond to this email or initiate any further email in the
>future to this account.
 "Upon the advice of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Hate Crimes Unit, I am giving you precisely one warning:
You will not under any circumstances send e-mail to this or any other account in use by our Church, or by any clergyman or member of our church. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in charges of criminal harassment being filed via the F.B.I. If charged, you will be subject to extradition and criminal trial in Canada, where a conviction will lead to a sentence of two-years-less-one-day in a Provincial prison.
All web pages under your control containing the names of hierarchs, clergy, or faithful members of our Church are to be immediately shut down. Do not imagine that you are safe from being tracked, as court orders from either Canada or the U.S. can make it possible to get ISP records from even the freenet webpage providers. Under Canadian law, you are in violation of hate crime statutes, an offence subject to extradition from the U.S. to stand trial in Canada, and the potential sentence of 10 years in a Canadian penitentiary. You are also subject to civil liability for libel, defamation of character, and any personal or corporate damages attained therefrom.
This is your only warning. Failure to comply will result in criminal investigation. We are hardly worth that much trouble to you.
Rev. Mother Anastasia
Orthodox Church of Canada"

Joe claims this wasn't addressed to him but then, who is she referring to ? She said very plainly, 
"Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:"
 He likes the website and makes violent threats!

To me it sounds like he is the person who she reported to the Canadian Police Hate Crimes Unit. What does it sound like to you, the reader ? Please visit this webpage yourselves and decide

  I surmised that it was shortly after this time that Joe, frightened by the possibility of being held accountable and facing jail time for his actions, decided to drop the Mahomond name, change the spelling of Swaydyn to Suaiden and hightail it to Russia for a couple of years (he claims he was invited)  Just another questionable chapter in his history that requires further investigation. By his own account he was a member of ROAC before being booted out for undisclosed reasons.

 However, to give Joe the benefit of the doubt he denied this. So OK, maybe it was later on that he was invited and spent 2 years in Russia, supposedly as a English teacher (Hmmm). Still, I think it is a bit farfetched of him to deny the rest in regards to what this OCCNA says about him.
"Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:
Rev. Mother Anastasia
Orthodox Church of Canada"

  His so called recent"leave of absence" from his NFTU to "pursue other projects" was to create  more slander blogs against us "mousemole's" as he also calls us. I personally am of the opinion that he may be some sort of a paid mole working to dissimulate the Orthodox Church. He certainly isn't a friend of ROCA.

*You, Reader, be the judge. His recent defense to what this post says can be found here:
 I find it almost incredulous, {well, maybe not for Joe} that he accuses me of slandering him when he has himself been slandering and creating libel against me from as long as 4 years ago, and, is still at it. Now he threatens to sue me ! His sense of entitlement to create situations by slandering and libeling who he wishes, and feels no one has a right to question his actions, then become outraged when the tables are turned against him is....unreal ! I wonder if he's ever heard of a countersuit ?
BTW, here's something a bit more recent that gives some insight and show's that Joseph Suaiden is still at up to his old tricks...

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