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 This post was originally published in October 2014 and has been and remains Journey TO Knuckleheads From The Underworld's # 1 post of all time !
 Congratulations Joe and Xenia ! ! !

Joe & Xenia Both Left Their Orthodox Spouse's*
  Joseph Suaiden writes..."Three years, however are between my separation and my wife’s separation, during which we never met, nor did we even know each other. The reasons? None of Minas’ business. However, the fact is, we didn’t “leave our Orthodox spouses to be together.” Of course, Minas knows that. And of course, Minas is lying, because lying is what Minas does."

 *OK Joe, I have changed the title of this post a bit and will give you the benefit of the doubt when you say that you both did not leave your Orthodox spouses to be together, I retract  that part. I'm really sorry, happy now ? 
  However the main point of this post is that they were both married before to other Orthodox spouses and they both had several children by those other Orthodox spouses. In the Orthodox Church a divorced couple is still a couple.  They are to reconcile or remain single.  By taking new spouse they have committed adultery and betrayed their marriage to their abandoned spouses. In the world marriages are disposable. Not so in the Church.
  Joseph Suaiden can claim that his Metropolitan John used his right of economy when he made him a member of his clergy. This goes against serious Church canonical practices. Even the World Orthodox would never permit this to happen, only a seriously vagante synod such as his. So, point being, he is not a real deacon and it goes to show that the regurgitated Milan Synod aka the American Metropolia of North and South America and the British Isles, or whatever they call themselves are totally living in the comic book "Orthodox" Bizarro World. How do you know your in a vagante synod? Easy, people like this are elevated to clergy

Regurgitated Milan Synod Deacon Joseph Suaiden's past is a muddled mess of facts that he's tried hard to rewrite. Both he and his now wife Xenia have been married as Orthodox to others before they hooked up and he became a deacon in his vagante synod. This is something that's not canonically allowed even in World Orthodox jurisdictions, much less in any true traditional one. He himself had admitted this to me and also told me he had a son by his first Orthodox wife. What he didn't mention is the fact that he and the first wife had as many as four children together. His now wife Xenia has three children by her first Orthodox husband and one by Joe. 
  A recent expose article about his jurisdiction's Metropolitan John which recently appeared in Portal Credo also contained information on Joseph's past marriage and children.

 He in turn wrote a rambling defensive editorial on behalf of his Metropolitan and synod, which conveniently made no mention of what it said about himself. Instead he focused on trying to discredit the person writing it as well as the people who published it, Portal Credo. Here is the reference in the article about Joseph Suaiden aka Joseph Mahomond Swaydyn. This is a human translation of the original Russian.

"In the United States, however, it turned out that they know a little more about this community – but generally not because of its spiritual ministry, but thanks to the NFTU Internet portal, owned by a Deacon of Metropolitan John’s – the bigamist Joseph Suaiden (whose real family name is Mohamond*). He left within ROAC a family with four children and then married a ROCA parishioner with three children,  and she who for the sake of this left (in turn) her husband and her church marriage. A case, of Joseph Suaiden,  that is generally not making him (suitable) for the diaconate." **
*Actually it's spelled as Mahomond
 ** Not making him suitable for the diaconate, what an understatement.
 The full article in English and Russian may be found here:

                        Joe likes to follow the Nazi propaganda's minister, 
                       Joseph Goebbels approach to life, that being, 
                        "The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed."

  Coincidentally, a couple of weeks before this article came out I had found a old website by his first wife, Adelaide Swaydyn*, which confirms he had at least three children by her. 

                             "My Story"
"I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, but lived most of my life in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I was raised to be a Roman Catholic. Through many disconcerting experiences I became disenchanted with the Roman Catholic Church and began to refer to myself as one of the non-practicing Catholics. I met my husband, Joe, in College. We had a very short courtship and were married. He at the time was a very devout Roman Catholic apologist. Needless to say we had our different views on the church that let to many struggles. We separated for a year, and during that time, my husband found Orthodoxy. When we reunited, it was due to a local Orthodox priest. He introduced me to Orthodoxy and I have felt that it was my home ever since.
We have three beautiful children, all baptized in the Orthodox faith. Our oldest son, Aidan, is 4 years old and named after St. Aidan of Lindesfarne. Our daughter, Elisabeth, who is 2 years old, is named after Elisabeth the New Martyr of Russia. Our youngest and most recent addition is Matthew, who is 5 months old. He is named after St. Matthew the Evangelizer.
I took on the issue of abortion because I have been on both sides of the issue. When I was in college, I had an abortion. It was a horrifying experience that never leaves my mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t beg for forgiveness and feel sorrow. I also have three incredible children, and to know that they are happy and safe is a wonderful thing. There are no words to describe the feeling of receiving this ultimate gift from God.
In Christ,

Adelaide Swaydyn"
  A check of the archives determines that her webpage came out Nov. 20th of 2002. Since Adelaide Swaydyn says that in 2002 their oldest son was 4, they must have gotten married about 1997-98. About the time Joe left Miami. He himself had told me he was baptized by HOCNA in Brookline, Massachusetts. Adalaide says she grew up in Plymouth, which is about 40 miles away. 
 The website can be found here:
*Joseph Mahomond Swaydyn is a name he use to use before changing the spelling of his last name and dropping the use of Mahomond altogether. Mahomond is the original family name before being changed to Swaydyn.

Here is our exchange From Euphrosynos Cafe

  Re: Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan

by Suaiden » Tue 15 March 2011 4:21 pm
QUOTE FROM ME: "Fact is, only a vagante synod would give you the title of deacon, Why, simple, you don't qualify, you have been married and divorced, no matter what you may say, I mean, you have a son, Joe Jr., with your first wife. That fact makes your first marriage legit in my book, no matter how you want to spin the facts. Your wife now, has also been married and divorced, no matter if your Metropolitan decrees it was never so and declares it not so."

 SUAIDEN: "Well, thank God you don't comprise the canonical authority of the Church vested in her Bishops, who actually require investigations into matters. You just pretend to be a dog on Facebook and try to talk to other men's wives.Watch your mouth."

 True, I don't comprise the canonical authority of the church, but vagante bishops sure don't either. Vagante bishops have absolutely no canonical authority. Really, he should be the one watching his mouth as he contradicts his lies in several spots in his statements at different times.

Re: Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan

 After leaving NFTU, Joe Suaiden came up with a false accusation against me on the Ecafe. I explained it there but let me clarify it more here.
 I pretend to be a dog on Facebook? I try to speak to other peoples wives? No! I had just recently gotten married myself and I had no idea what Xenia Suaiden looked like. I thought I had contacted Joe at first. I was new to Facebook and a list of people that I may know popped up, prompting me to see if I knew anyone to send a message and a FB friend request. I saw Joe's name and next to it was Xenia's on a list. I mistakenly sent a message to his wife thinking it was him since they both had no photo's of themselves, only the exact same "Orthodoxy or Death" logo on both their profiles. I had remembered him from St. Vladimir's in Miami when I had met him for the first and only time, face to face. He said he left his family's home supposedly because he couldn't get along with his Roman Catholic mother and Muslim father. He said he wanted to become Orthodox, I imagine to make a name for himself in the "Orthodox" world. Well, you've come a long way since then, haven't you Joe? After they both jumped all over me when I tried to explain myself at that time I just backed off politely and went on about my way, writing them off as some unreasonable nuts, possibly on something. When I had stupidly agree to join their ragtag NFTU outfit (dumb and dumber me), I later felt I should let them know I was the one on Facebook, years before. I did and it didn't seem to bother him, he accepted my explanation, and we both had a laugh over it. Had I told him who I was without the benefit of now being his star reporter, doing so much work for him at the time, I'm sure he and his wife would have resumed their attack on me as some kind of internet troll, as they are attempting to insinuate now. Joe's buddy Nathan try's to accuse me of being an "anonymous drive by commenter", even though he knew exactly who I was when I made my unpublished comments to his stupid JTO posts. I bet these two like to have long phone chats and exchange notes. They're both a couple of conniving narcissists in my opinion.

Re: Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan
Postby Suaiden » Wed 16 March 2011 3:42 am
"May as well correct a couple of things".

Quote from me on Ecafe: "If your referring to me mentioning the fact that he's not qualified to be a clergyman in the Orthodox church according to what the canons say as to who can be made clergy, then I'm correct. As far as me calling his synod vagante, well I believe it is, no matter how many long winded histories and explanations he puts forth. I suppose he could be called a deacon in a vagante synod, so OK, I will say he is a vagante deacon."

   Suaiden: " I don't think you're really qualified to be an arbiter of how to apply the canons. And I certainly won't have a discussion on the Patristic boundaries of a Bishop applying economy or more about my personal life. I won't justify this discussion. You want to call me a vagante deacon? Fine. Go ahead. Call me Mr. Suaiden. I really don't care. You've been doing it for months now. And I just brush it off with all the other insults. As I said, I don't enjoy the title. You're just helping demonstrate why".

As I said, Vagante bishops do as they please. Of course he doesn't want to get into more detail about his personal life. His bishop applying economy to it and making him a deacon is really useless dollar store bargain bin type stuff.
 Actually, I believe I was being respectful to him when I addressed him as Mr. Suaiden, , I should have addressed him as just Mahomond. Don't let him fool you, he loves being addressed as a deacon, he lives for it and knows that the un-cononical regurgitated Milan Synod is the only group that would ever make him a deacon. Which is why he's so defensive of their interests.
                      Suaiden's little buddy, Ecafe administrator Dr. J Gress

    Then the good Dr. Gress, another self appointed Ortho-expert jumps in to to save the day to demand I apologize or face banishment and exile from the Ecafe Club

Re: Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan
Postby jgress » Tue 15 March 2011 10:51 pm
Well, I went ahead and did the deed and Minas won't be contributing to this discussion anymore. The reason of course is not his belief that Dcn Joseph is not canonically qualified for his rank, something which I really have no idea about and no care to discover, but because of his vicious personal attacks on Dcn Joseph's character, and not satisfied with that, on his wife. I'm glad Dcn Joseph resisted the temptation to respond in kind. 
  What! Dr. J Gress doesn't care, has no idea, and doesn't want to discover if Suaiden is canonically qualified to be a deacon in any synod, wow! For someone who expounds on any subject Orthodox, and does a great job doing it, well, it seems quite unusual he doesn't know, have any idea or even care if Joe is qualified. 
 J Gress came into the Ecafe as administrator,* without previously having been a member who had even made one single posting. He was made administrator by ex GOC-K priest Anastasios Hudson, who is now for all intent and purpose just the administrator emeritus. He had allowed Suaidens into the Ecafe's sidebar to post his NFTU stuff, then followed Suaidens advise to delete what he considered the NFTU rival, Portal Credo, from the sidebar. Portal Credo, the news agency that published the expose of him and his Metropolitan and synod. Portal Credo, against which he is now using ad hominem attacks on to discredit. BTW, A. Hudson, who now bills himself as a "Orthodox writer and speaker", has been a reporter for Suaiden's NFTU for a long time and says he is also a close friend.
 *On a side note, as of 09/23/2014, Dr. J. Gress has resigned as administrator of Ecafe. A lady named Maria, who has been a moderator, and is conveniently a member of Suaiden's synod, has been appointed by absentee owner, A. Hudson as the new administrator. I can already see those chipped toothed gears spinning in his head as Suaiden licks his chops thinking about the possibilities.

    Joseph Suaiden seems to have quite a large amount of pull with Mr. Hudson and Ecafe, funny thing is, when I was working for NFTU he confided in me that he saw Ecafe as a rival to NFTU and was trying to talk A. Hudson into letting him into the Ecafe sidebar. Quite a coup !
 As for my personal attack on his wife Xenia, I did call her "Cleopatra on acid", is that so vicious ? Most women would love being compared to Queen Cleopatra, wouldn't they, with or without the acid part

Xenia Suaiden said... CUT-It_out
minas said...
I also love the artistic use of capital letter, hyphen, small letter and underscore in Mrs. Suaiden's comment. Brilliant! 
Here a screenshot of her comment:

Here's another brilliant comment she left and the screenshot:
 "DROP IT>>> 
What can you get gone

Another comment left by her to a Remnant Rocor post
Another ROCA Safeguard against the western rite
  that she didn't seem to like. She's trying to bait Joanna Higginbotham into some kind of debate with her over it but she was ignored, which isn't hard to do. Sounds rather cryptically threatening... "Guess who is waiting ever patiently before WE play chess?"


 Joe to a ROAC priest on Ecafe :
 "Thanks, Father, much appreciated. Although I actually *do* prefer "Fr Joseph", I only meant that for Minas, I'd appreciate the recognition of familiarity. Calling me "Mr. Suaiden" like he doesn't know me is really hurtful.We used to consider each other friends, and I am really stung by the events of the past year."
 Isn't it strange that he sounds like we were close friends and wants "the recognition of familiarity" from me? He has said in a recent blog he specifically created to discredit Joanna Higginbotham, Daniel Everess and myself that even after I had told him that it was me on Facebook that he kept me on as a reporter on NFTU as a favor, ha! Then, after I had decided to quit, with nothing else against me to go on, he makes up this stalking his wife story. If he had really thought that was true then why would he have kept me on after I told him it was me on Facebook. Why would he try to get me back on NFTU, going to the length of trying to intimidate me by threatening to write to Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna,* insinuating that he and the Archbishop talk regularly on very friendly terms. When he saw I wouldn't bite and return, He actually did end up emailing the Archbishop and got rebuffed by him.
  He just loves namedropping and insinuating he's friends with this and that bishop and other clergy of different jurisdictions.
 So here he is claiming we were good friends and I stabbed him in the back and trying to use the sympathy approach. He's either lying or very confused, wouldn't you say ? In any case he's just enraged that things didn't go according to his plans.  
* now Metropolitan Chrysostomos of GOC-K

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  1. Poor Joe, he's left me a string of comments, 6 or 7 today 10/05/15, which aren't worth publishing since we all know he's a knucklehead but the gist of them all is he's calling me an old man and must actually believe that it's hurting my feeling ! Well I may be 20 years or so older than him but I must remind him that I still have a full head of hair, and barely any grey.He's losing his quite quickly judging from his recent photo's. I'll give him about 5 years or so until he's as bald a coconut.