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On Ecafe, he admits he used the alias Joseph Mahomond-Suaiden. Actually in 1999 he was going by "Joe" and using a different spelling of Suaiden also, as in "Joe Mahomond Swaydyn"
I must say this reminds me of our current president who used to go by the name "Barry Soetoro". Maybe it's a Muslim thing, as Joe's father was a Muslim. Joe says in the same posting his father was an agnostic, but, he actually had related the story to me differently at an earlier time.
 Not a Muslim ? well that's not true either, Joe himself told me in our first, and only face to face meeting that his mother was Roman Catholic and his father a Muslim but that he, Joe, wanted to join the Orthodox Church. Years later when I worked for NFTU, I asked him again about his father. He told me his father grew up a Muslim, fell away and became agnostic, then some time before he died he got religious again wanted to return to his Muslim roots by making a pilgrimage to Mecca. But he was unable to do so because of the costs involved. Now why would an agnostic want to make a pilgrimage to Mecca?

Re: Metropolitan Evloghios of Milan

Postby Suaiden » Wed 16 March 2011 3:42 am
May as well correct a couple of things.
mmcxristidis wrote: Oh wow, let me think.... Hmmmm, I really don't see why I should apologize, more like it should be the other way around I think. I haven't slandered Joe Mahmoud Suaiden as far as I can tell.
"First off, without getting into a deep discussion of my name (it's not a middle name, it's a replaced *last* name from three generations ago), it's not "Mahmoud". It's "Mahomond". That's the first point. As in "Mahomond-Suaiden".

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