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It seems that either Xenia Suaiden is celebrating Halloween a bit early (she's a pirate this year in case you haven't guessed) or else she's pissed off that I used her Facebook profile photo to make a meme. Now she changed it to this one " Dead men Tell No Tales". I don't know if I should laugh or become scared and go hide somewhere. Sounds rather threatening, I hope Nathan doesn't give her my address, he does say he's been following my whereabouts the last few years and published a Google Earth satellite shot of my house with me outside it. Now whose stalking who ?

Xenia Suaiden changed her profile picture.

I suppose now I'll be accused of stalking her again because I looked at her Facebook page, that is if Joe hasn't put out a hit on me

Sunday, October 26, 2014

LOOK !!!



                                         If you see Joe coming better step aside,
                                         A lot of men didn't, a lot of men cried

Well, I find it necessary to re-evaluate my post called "JOE MAHOMOND SWAYDYN aka JOSEPH SUAIDEN : CYBER-STALKER" I now call it  "IS JOE MAHOMOND SWAYDYN aka JOSEPH SUAIDEN A CYBER-STALKER?", due to the fact that Joseph Suaiden is claiming I have slandered him in it. He recently wrote this in his "Signoria" blog with a link to a new post in his new blog "Cranky Yankee's", a blog he created specifically to discredit, harass, and slander myself, two of my friends and the blog Remnant Rocor as well as this blog.

"I should also add that the Refugees trying to cover up by calling this “satire” won’t survive a lawsuit. It’s slander, plain and simple– and if you think I wouldn’t sue Christians, be comforted, o Refugees, by the fact that I truly no longer regard you as Christians.
I’m calling on my friends to publicly disassociate from these individuals, as their behavior is now 
bordering on criminal." 

   I find it rich that he, as well as his current friend for the moment, Nathan Lee Lewis, both feel they are so special, and have such a sense of entitlement, as to be able to libel and slander myself and others at will, yet they scream bloody murder should they receive the same treatment directed back at them.
 Joseph Suaiden has been slandering me for about 4 years now, accusing me of having stalked his wife on Facebook, ever since I quit working on his NFTU blog and he couldn't get me to return. At first he tried the soft approach by begging. When that didn't work he tried to intimidate me by threatening to write my bishop, which he did and got rebuked for his trouble. Then enraged, he took to slandering me with this made up version of events, saying I was stalking his wife and insinuating I was mentally unbalanced. He continues these lies to this day, also adding to them other slanders and now tag teaming up with Nathan, taking turns, one swearing to the others lies as being the truth about me. Well, I've already went over most of this stuff over and over again.  For a good insight into what may drive a person to act in this manner please check out this link...
As is his style,  he goes into a long winded and intentionally confusing attempt at a defense of what was written in my post called " Is Joseph Suaiden aka Joseph Mahomond Swaydyn A Cyber Stalker? And, FYI, I did just alter the original post a wee bit to give him the benefit of the doubt, I don't want to appear as being unfair even though he's probably going to try to accuse me of being scared of him and counting it as a victory...these narcissists ! I certainly am not going to post his whole boring defense here but I have posted a link to it in the previously mentioned post if anyone is interested. However I will post a little something from the very end of it, he writes ...

"No, he doesn’t really believe this at all. He hopes his readers do. The truth is he believes I’m someone who called him out as a liar, a criminal, a stalker, and an unrepentant pothead.  And so for this, I must be punished.
If you really remember me, Minas, you’d remember I’m big enough not to be scared of a thuggish loser who’s got nothing left to do in life but harass others. Get a life. As the above response should tell you– I’ve dealt with bigger trolls. In a sea of online sharks, you’re just chum."

 OK, OK Joe, sure, that a deep breath and relax, your the biggest whale shark in the sea of thuggish losers, I'm shaking in my swim fins now. Actually I do remember him and I must say that he is big, and judging by the recent photo's of him I've seen, he look like he's gained another whole person since I saw him in Miami years ago. To be honest, I have also gained quite a few pounds over the years, we can't all age gracefully to be good looking silver fox's like Nathan has.  I would  be comfortable by saying that he must have given his, now for the moment, buddy inspiration for his "Obese Clergy-The Elephant In The Room" post. I wonder how he  feels about that post? I mean it must rub him, as well as a whole bunch of other people in his synod, the wrong way.  

                                   If you see Joe coming better step aside, 
                                   a lot of men didn't, a lot of men cried

He's threatening to sue me? Really! Well, he should be prepared to lose, just in case the judge gets pissed off at him for wasting the courts time on a frivolous litigation lawsuit and rules in my favor. Getting the picture yet? Just what does he hope to gain should he succeed... money? I have no money to speak of, I'm not the New York Times. Although sure, he may just be satisfied to have won for the sake of bragging rights. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 Here's a September 22, 2014 JTO post by Nathan Lee Lewis called "Obese Clergy- The Elephant In The Room"

Nathan writes this on his "Journey To Orthodoxy" blog... Even Anastasios Hudson gets into the act with a comment ....

September 22, 2014
"I have been trying to write an article on Obese Clergy (for there are so many of them) for weeks now. I am honestly at a loss. Don't we fast? Don't we live a life of sacrifice- IN PARTICULAR- shouldn't the Orthodox clergy? I see a Bishop, a Priest, a Deacon, a Reader, a Monk-- and so many are FAT! JTO Readers- write this article for me in the comment section-"*

 Anastasios Hudson11:23 PM
I agree, Dan.

There is no elephant in the room. I've never met a layperson who was scandalized by a fat priest. Fat priests will have to answer for their sins, just like loquacious priests will have to answer for theirs, and priests with tempers will have to answer for theirs. But there is no elephant in the room. Since we are writing the article in the comments section, I propose the article go like this:

Some people get upset when they see fat priests.

They should focus on their own sins, and move along.

Gluttony is a sin, indeed, but so is lust, anger, malice, pride, jealousy, and the rest.

Sinners need our prayers.

How sad that some priests develop diabetes or eating problems as a result of the stress of they are under.

Let's pray for each other.


*I'm a JTO reader and this is my contribution

  Here's a group shot from the regurgitated Milan's 2014 conference. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


  Nathan appeared in a 1996 film called "A Family Thing", which starred Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones, two well known actors. I watched it some time ago out of curiosity since Nathan seems to mention he appeared in it quite a bit. It wasn't a bad movie. Yes, he was in it, back when he was a, I believe, Baptist minister without the Ortho-hair and beard. I think he was claiming to be a Protestant Charismatic type prophet back then.

  This was perhaps his big break and he seems really proud of it.  In fact, he seems to me to be trying to blow this role way out of proportion and make you believe he had some kind of starring role, what you call, creative marketing. However, if you were watching it and left the room for a minute, you would miss him entirely. I think he had only one or maybe two lines tops, as I remember it. In the movie he drove up to the building where Robert Duvall's character was, walked in, said a couple words, and handed him a letter. That's about it really, anyone could have played that part. Real Academy Awards type stuff there Nathan.

He also had another forgettable bit role as, I guess, some crazy guy in a film called "The Gift", A "supernatural thriller". I attempted to watch it once but quickly turned it off, not my cup of tea. I must say though, he was very convincing as a crazy guy. 

  Here's something which Nathan wrote on his Facebook page before he had made it private. He sounds really excited and of course, as usual, is tooting his own horn...

 Nathan Lee Lewis <>

 "Day of shooting. In front of the camera this time! My juices are flowing. Southern accent. It will take me a month to shake it. I die in this film. Takes me back to my childhood. What a great job!!!"  

Several comment are made by other people, then Nathan makes this one. So dramatic!'s not about putting masks on?   Ok LOL

 "Nathan Lee Lewis <

"The most profound. amazing and rewarding acting experience of my life. ..and I have worked with Robert Duvall, Cate Blanchette, been directed by Sam Raimi, et. al. No discredit to any of the above. I just think I have come into my own. I finally understand the craft. I understand my own soul and the barriers have been knocked down. I have found the zone. It is both terrifying and exhilarating. Acting is about taking masks off not putting masks on. I am now vulnerable and in this craft, this is a good thing. Young student director and writer- great chemistry with the actors. All the right elements aligned. I think this is a launching point for my career. I really do. It is about time"

What a gigantic crock of...butter. Sounds like he had a very moving religious experience. OK, good luck with that...I guess.  

    Well anyway, this post is not so much about Nathan, the actor. It's more about his family thing. Seems like Nathan may not be the only prophet in his lineage. No, according to him,  his mother Rozilla  also had "the gift"  and was some sort of a prophet and is now a saint in heaven. This is from a   Sunday, September 21, 2008 JTO post

"A Wise Saying"

"One of the great prophets in the scriptures said,"

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

"Oh wait...that was my Mother."


  1. Another variation, "If you can't say anything nice about someone, make sure they're out of the GD room."
    Since it'd be un-Christian and "mean-spirited" I just say nothing.

    Well, I guess, this commentator wasn't too impressed with what Nathan was putting out but refrained from coming right out and saying it. I'm really surprised that Nathan didn't pick up on this and label him a anonymous drive-by. Nathan must have been in "the zone' that day and it didn't click. Here's more bits of the post...

   "I found myself at Morning Prayers"...

 ..."I saw, in a new and dynamic way, in the depths of my spirit, that my mother, Rozella... is present with the angels and the saints of the ages worshiping around the throne of God. I spoke to her. I "prayed" to her to beseech the Lord on my
 behalf for the salvation and theosis of my soul"...

I cannot  explain, I only can say, my mother was with me and I was with her. She was where I was and I was where she was..." 

 ..." I communed with the saints. I communed with Saint Rozella" 

  Posted by Nathan Lee Lewis  at 8/27/2008 11:47:00 PM<
   St. Rozella, OK... so she's a saint and a prophet just like you! 

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:24 PM, MR. XRISTIDIS <> wrote:
It's hard to tell if it's a demon, a overactive imagination, or just a fictional blog post.

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 2:08 PM, Joanna Higginbotham <> wrote:
First: newbies are not permitted to teach.
Second: this is a subject that is difficult even for seasoned, mature, qualified, tested, recognized Orthodox teachers. The Church is our teacher.  And from what I know, our Church says there can be no salvation outside of her.  AND, those who died outside of her are in God's hands and judged as He knows, and His judgments are unknowable to us. Nathan goes blah blah blah.  He's not the first newbie to make an fool of himself.  I can't believe people are accepting him as an authority.
 What a jerk.  I wonder if a demon visited Nathan disguised and Rozella – can't really say from his description...  is this Nathan's overactive sentiment/emotion?  or is it a real contact from a demon?

Nathan's Fathers Day post from June 16, 2013

  "A Blessed Man" 

"Happy Father's Day To All"

  •   Yes I did doctor up the photo a bit with a meme and yes I am being sarcastic. Sorry Nathan, I just couldn't help it.
  •  As you see by the photo he is wearing all black and a pectoral cross to boot. That with the long hair and long beard. This shows that he is not only trying to present himself as some Orthodox theologian, but also that he is some sort of clergy to the Nathannitwitts who follow his blog and believe that every word coming out of his mouth is Orthodox. On top of this he presents himself as some sort of prophet, in his own cryptic style.  All this and the Orthodox film maker, writer, producer, actor crap on top with a cherry to boot. 
  •   I  believe it's true that only Orthodox monastics, priests and bishops may wear all black. I was also taught that a layman's cross should be worn under their shirt, at least for a man. However, now-a-days, some men do wear their crosses outside as some sort of fashion statement, I guess.
  •  Remember that photo of Nathan dressed in black with the black monastic style hat with Ronald McDonald ? Could anyone such as Fr Gregory or a bishop really take this man seriously or worry about him getting them into trouble ?
  • My unpublished comment to Lewis...
  •  minas said...
  • Happy Fathers Day to you too Nathan. I must say, that's a nice family photo, thanks for sharing. I'm wondering, are they all prophets too ? I notice your wearing your black Orthodox prophet clothes and a cross. However, it seems your playing the part of a priest with that look. People could become confused. May I suggest you get yourself a different color robe with a hair shirt, perhaps even sewing a big O.P. on the back.
      Now I must take up an issue with you. I heard you sent my last comment to Fr. Gregory with some kind of rambling dribble complaining about me. First, let me tell you that I am not in his jurisdiction, Joanna is. He is not my priest and quite frankly, I'm not bound by any monastic obedience to anyone, so quit complaining to him about me, you'll get nowhere. You must understand that if you put yourself out there on the internet that your going to have your critics, and with what your putting out, probably a whole bunch. The problem is, and I've told you this before, your not an honest person, and I suspect you have many, many more clear minded critics. You just are not honest enough to publish any critical comments about yourself and your so called Orthodox blog. Instead you address your critics in some dishonest posting about how they are slandering poor, poor you. This without the benefit of letting the reader know what was originally said. Oh ! boo hoo, poor Nathan.
      Second, you have quite the nitwitted nerve demanding anything of Fr. Gregory, since you refused his sober minded advice, got pissed off and left. Then you started writing his bishop trying to get him in trouble. Deja Vu, same pattern with the priest you had before him. Where I come from, Michigan, they have a name for people like you, actually several names. Let me just say that I think that, you sir, are a megaassnhole.

     Yes, it's all in the family. It seems that Nathan's wife also believes that he is a prophet 
  • This is from a January 09, 2007 JTO post.

    "Sarah's Trip From Ur or Follow Your Husband "Ur" Else" by  Cynthia Louise Lewis
  •  ..."There’s nothing more nerve wracking than being submissive to a man who hears God."
     ..."When God tells a man it’s time to move into His promises, those camels get packed and off you go! And, quite frankly, you don’t always care that he’s right..."
    ..."  Camels stink. And watering holes are few and far between – even for the prophetic."
    ..." Other issues were, of course, going on in the ICCEC of which my prophetic husband was aware"
    " But even I could tell there were serious cracks in the foundation of our little denomination".
     "Denomination", she (and Nathan) seem to see Orthodoxy as just another denomination, the Protestant view the church. If you don't like what you find in one denomination (or jurisdiction), then you should just go on to another that suits your tastes better. It's that simple. Don't like what a priest or bishop say  to you, then go. They are above everyone else, their prophets. They have no need to listen to priests, bishops or kings, as Nathan has stated. They are above everyone else, they are prophets.

    ..."As we entered the Orthodox faith...And, good-bye to worshiping my Lord the way I was used to."
    Well, not really, they brought their prophet delusion with them
    ..."bursting into tears as I told my husband,“I’m so consumed with when to bow, and when to kneel, and all the other new rules, that I haven’t spoken to Jesus in weeks!”