Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 Here's a September 22, 2014 JTO post by Nathan Lee Lewis called "Obese Clergy- The Elephant In The Room"

Nathan writes this on his "Journey To Orthodoxy" blog... Even Anastasios Hudson gets into the act with a comment ....

September 22, 2014
"I have been trying to write an article on Obese Clergy (for there are so many of them) for weeks now. I am honestly at a loss. Don't we fast? Don't we live a life of sacrifice- IN PARTICULAR- shouldn't the Orthodox clergy? I see a Bishop, a Priest, a Deacon, a Reader, a Monk-- and so many are FAT! JTO Readers- write this article for me in the comment section-"*

 Anastasios Hudson11:23 PM
I agree, Dan.

There is no elephant in the room. I've never met a layperson who was scandalized by a fat priest. Fat priests will have to answer for their sins, just like loquacious priests will have to answer for theirs, and priests with tempers will have to answer for theirs. But there is no elephant in the room. Since we are writing the article in the comments section, I propose the article go like this:

Some people get upset when they see fat priests.

They should focus on their own sins, and move along.

Gluttony is a sin, indeed, but so is lust, anger, malice, pride, jealousy, and the rest.

Sinners need our prayers.

How sad that some priests develop diabetes or eating problems as a result of the stress of they are under.

Let's pray for each other.



*I'm a JTO reader and this is my contribution

  Here's a group shot from the regurgitated Milan's 2014 conference. 


  1. Why is Nathan concerned about others being fat when he is so fat himself? He must have a distorted image of himself.

  2. I said this to you before Joanna, but I really don't know what you are seeing about Nathan that you can say he looks fat. I think he looks pretty good for his age. Metaphorically speaking however I do think he's a mega fathead.