Tuesday, December 30, 2014


 "Brother Nathaniel"

  No doubt that Nathaniel Kapner is a fruitcake (alternate spelling Nathanael). One thing he really isn't is a Orthodox monk as he's been claiming the past few years. Yes he's a nut but he's not stupid, he can sound quite intelligent. If you were just listening to him speak without seeing him you may be fooled and believe everything he claims....

He's parlayed his Orthodox monk act into a money making payday with his "Brother Nathanael Foundation"  http://brothernathanaelfoundation.org/  which "envisions an America that is Christian in its consciousness and wholesome in its culture" and which claims to help "take America back from the forces that are destroying our nation".... yea right.

This joker is ridiculous, prancing around with a white glove on one hand, a black one on the other, wearing differently colored black, white or blue cossocks and head coverings which have included a Russian Orthodox Metropolitan's white klobuk.

 He has waved a large cross around and alternately used it as a pretend guitar or just used a "air guitar" He also like wearing 2-3 pectoral crosses at a time. BTW, only a real monk who is also a priest is blessed to wear a pectoral cross. Let me not forget to mention the various signs he may be waving around denouncing the Jews or whatever happens to be itching his brain at the time. BTW, he also has another website, "Real Jew News" 

  http://realjewnews.com/  which is very popular with the Neo-Nazi crowd.
   No real Orthodox monk is anything like this joker, they would be in a monastery. Kapner isn't affiliated with any Orthodox jurisdiction that I know of. He is so far out there in outer space that I doubt even a vagante outfit like regurgitated Milan would take him in.

"Brother" Nathaniel has been in a couple of vagante monasteries though. There was HOCNA, who I believe baptized him and the Gregory of Colorado cult. Both of them kicked him out. He started out life as a Jew. He was the guitarist-keyboard player named Mickey Kapner in a 60's psychedelic rock group called Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers  They even made a record album. He was involved with a Jews for Jesus cult at the time which also must have fried his brain a bit. .http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1129&dat=19880429&id=J69RAAAAIBAJ&sjid=9W0DAAAAIBAJ&pg=6732,9295463

After getting a police escort out of Gregory' Colorado cult he began his Brother Nathaniel gimmick and created a Orthodox news blog, I forgot the name, bashing Orthodox priests and bishops. I think this blog may have inspired another nutcase, Euthymios Valdez, who likes making slanderous You Tube video's. Valdez now claims "Today I am a happy member of the ROCOR, (MP) under Metropolitan Hilarion" Thats nice, another useful idiot. Interestingly, Kapner also use to say he was with the  ROCOR/MP, until they issued a statement denouncing his claim. I'm not so sure he wasn't, he may have been until they decided he was a liability. I'm sure the same thing will happen to Valdez if he is in fact with them. Valdez, try the regurgitated Milan Synod, lots of closet crazies live there.

Towards the end of this blogs existence Kapner began singing the praises of Vladimir Putin and one day he abruptly deleted the whole blog and resurrected himself with his "Real Jew News"

It's a fact that Kapner is looney tune and a money grubber, he even hit me up for cash when I contacted him several years ago in an email and got pissed off when I refused him. He's a self serving delusional jerk who does nothing for Orthodoxy but discredit it in uninformed peoples minds. I have my own conspiracy theory about him.....

What if he was paid to delete his first blog, perhaps by Putin agents or some other servants of Anti-Christ, then throttle up his attacks on true Orthodoxy and Christianity in general just to make Christians look narrow minded and idiotic. Even so, if he is just merely a demented fool he serves the same purpose of elevating the things of this world and Anti-Christ no matter how many crosses he wears

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