Friday, October 31, 2014




It seems that either Xenia Suaiden is celebrating Halloween a bit early (she's a pirate this year in case you haven't guessed) or else she's pissed off that I used her Facebook profile photo to make a meme. Now she changed it to this one " Dead men Tell No Tales". I don't know if I should laugh or become scared and go hide somewhere. Sounds rather threatening, I hope Nathan doesn't give her my address, he does say he's been following my whereabouts the last few years and published a Google Earth satellite shot of my house with me outside it. Now whose stalking who ?

Xenia Suaiden changed her profile picture.

I suppose now I'll be accused of stalking her again because I looked at her Facebook page, that is if Joe hasn't put out a hit on me

Sunday, October 26, 2014



                                         If you see Joe coming better step aside,
                                         A lot of men didn't, a lot of men cried

Well, I find it necessary to re-evaluate my post called "JOE MAHOMOND SWAYDYN aka JOSEPH SUAIDEN : CYBER-STALKER" I now call it  "IS JOE MAHOMOND SWAYDYN aka JOSEPH SUAIDEN A CYBER-STALKER?", due to the fact that Joseph Suaiden is claiming I have slandered him in it. He recently wrote this in his "Signoria" blog with a link to a new post in his new blog "Cranky Yankee's", a blog he created specifically to discredit, harass, and slander myself, two of my friends and the blog Remnant Rocor as well as this blog.

"I should also add that the Refugees trying to cover up by calling this “satire” won’t survive a lawsuit. It’s slander, plain and simple– and if you think I wouldn’t sue Christians, be comforted, o Refugees, by the fact that I truly no longer regard you as Christians.
I’m calling on my friends to publicly disassociate from these individuals, as their behavior is now 
bordering on criminal." 

   I find it rich that he, as well as his current friend for the moment, Nathan Lee Lewis, both feel they are so special, and have such a sense of entitlement, as to be able to libel and slander myself and others at will, yet they scream bloody murder should they receive the same treatment directed back at them.
 Joseph Suaiden has been slandering me for about 4 years now, accusing me of having stalked his wife on Facebook, ever since I quit working on his NFTU blog and he couldn't get me to return. At first he tried the soft approach by begging. When that didn't work he tried to intimidate me by threatening to write my bishop, which he did and got rebuked for his trouble. Then enraged, he took to slandering me with this made up version of events, saying I was stalking his wife and insinuating I was mentally unbalanced. He continues these lies to this day, also adding to them other slanders and now tag teaming up with Nathan, taking turns, one swearing to the others lies as being the truth about me. Well, I've already went over most of this stuff over and over again.  For a good insight into what may drive a person to act in this manner please check out this link...
As is his style,  he goes into a long winded and intentionally confusing attempt at a defense of what was written in my post called " Is Joseph Suaiden aka Joseph Mahomond Swaydyn A Cyber Stalker? And, FYI, I did just alter the original post a wee bit to give him the benefit of the doubt, I don't want to appear as being unfair even though he's probably going to try to accuse me of being scared of him and counting it as a victory...these narcissists ! I certainly am not going to post his whole boring defense here but I have posted a link to it in the previously mentioned post if anyone is interested. However I will post a little something from the very end of it, he writes ...

"No, he doesn’t really believe this at all. He hopes his readers do. The truth is he believes I’m someone who called him out as a liar, a criminal, a stalker, and an unrepentant pothead.  And so for this, I must be punished.
If you really remember me, Minas, you’d remember I’m big enough not to be scared of a thuggish loser who’s got nothing left to do in life but harass others. Get a life. As the above response should tell you– I’ve dealt with bigger trolls. In a sea of online sharks, you’re just chum."

 OK, OK Joe, sure, that a deep breath and relax, your the biggest whale shark in the sea of thuggish losers, I'm shaking in my swim fins now. Actually I do remember him and I must say that he is big, and judging by the recent photo's of him I've seen, he look like he's gained another whole person since I saw him in Miami years ago. To be honest, I have also gained quite a few pounds over the years, we can't all age gracefully to be good looking silver fox's like Nathan has.  I would  be comfortable by saying that he must have given his, now for the moment, buddy inspiration for his "Obese Clergy-The Elephant In The Room" post. I wonder how he  feels about that post? I mean it must rub him, as well as a whole bunch of other people in his synod, the wrong way.  

                                   If you see Joe coming better step aside, 
                                   a lot of men didn't a lot of men cried

He's threatening to sue me? Really! Well, he should be prepared to lose, just in case the judge gets pissed off at him for wasting the courts time on a frivolous litigation lawsuit and rules in my favor. Getting the picture yet? Just what does he hope to gain should he succeed... money? I have no money to speak of, I'm not the New York Times. Although sure, he may just be satisfied to have won for the sake of bragging rights. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014



My name is Joseph Mahomond-Suaiden.  What's yours?;imode
The regurgitated American Milan Synod is now desiring to be known as The True Orthodox Autonomous American Metropolia Of  North America And South America And The British Isles. Whew! this is just one of the reasons why I refer to it as the Milan Synod regurgitated. The official propagandist and brew deacon, Joseph Suaiden, has also gone by other aliases such as Joe Mahomond Swaydyn, Joseph William Mahomond, Joseph Mahomond, Joseph Mahomond-Suaide,  Joseph Mahomond, Joseph W. Mahomond, Irenaeus, (possibly Igor) and God only knows what others in his history of internet stalkings and intimidation's

* I have edited this post a bit in response to Suaidens recent defense of what appears to be his many name changes. Here he says....

  "In the first place, I can’t just “drop the Mahomond name”. That would require a legal process I cannot afford. As an American, I can use whatever name I wish for legal reasons. That said, “Suaiden” is in fact my family name. I have documented proof of my father’s real name, which he managed to change before his death. (“Mahomond” is a French spelling of a patronymic, which I’ve said a million times now.) I went to Russia in 2004, after I separated from my ex. But Minas knows this, because he’s quoted from my ex’s website at the time, as well as other stuff. He’s lying. Lying is what he does.
  As for the spelling of the name? Simple. There are a lot of Suaidens who emigrated to the country. There is one spelling in Arabic, which I unfortunately can’t reproduce because I’ve seen it like once and can’t write in Arabic. When I was about 19, my dad showed me, in his various travels, cousins’ business cards. I saw it spelled “Suaiden”, “Suaidan”, “Suidan”, “Swayden”, “Swuaiden”… you get my drift. Since I was new to the Internet then, I chose a stylish double-y “Swaydyn”. As a couple of years passed I realized nobody could pronounce it. I switched to a more pedantic “Suaiden” to eventually change my name legally with something that sounded professional, as opposed to a kooky spelling which looked really cool to a 19-year old new to a nascent Internet. So the simple answer to why I changed the spelling is “I grew up”."
   I myself find Suaidens style in his defenses to almost always be rather confusing. He always seems to be leaving out certain incriminating information. He seems to like to confuse the reader by throwing around a lot of other peoples names and date and of course loves to accuse me of always lying about anything I have to say as well as using ad hominem attacks on others and change the subject of others who have written anything truthful against him that he does not wish anyone to know, i.,e., don't believe a word of what someone says about him because that person is a so and so....shoot the messenger !
 Not that in the paragraph above he says "As an American, I can use whatever name I wish for legal reasons" well that's not entirely true, read this...
 he also says... 
 " In the first place, I can’t just “drop the Mahomond name”. That would require a legal process I cannot afford."
 Then he turns around and contradicts himself later in the defense...
"I switched to a more pedantic “Suaiden” to eventually change my name legally with something that sounded professional,"
 First he says he can't afford to legally change his name, then later says that he did legally change his name. As I said, his explanation in his defense are always contradictory and confusing, I believe intentionally so