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                     This is what Nathan would have people believe I am like

 Nathan writes, calling me a mysterious, nameless and faceless administrator, who works alongside Joanna Higginbotham on several blogs,"Jezebel"as he has labeled her. Prophets are allowed to do so without being accused of slander and defamation of course. The subjects of "The Jezebel Spirit" and "Prophets" being the obsessions of many of his posts, among with many other pieces of baggage he has brought with him into the Orthodox Church.
  Along with his Bible thumping rhetoric and personal prophetic interpretations he likes using several Pentecostal/Charismatic made You Tube video's to make his points. He complains, and even threatens lawsuits, about the way we, and others, have expressed opinions about him and his writings as being unsafe for the Orthodox mindset. Here he writes...

" Christie's harassing tactics includes cryptic suggestions that he is privy to information such as private Facebook photos,"

 Ha! "Cryptic suggestions"? He would have you think that I hacked into his Facebook and took his private photo's and postings! Nathan's FB stuff, as well as his postings in other places online, were all public for the longest time. Only recently has he made efforts to delete or hide it, making it available only to people on his FB friends list since he hooked up with the regurgitated Milan Synod bunch.

"that he has copied and pasted even deleted posts and other materials, with the inference that he intends to use them to  embarrass or discredit the subject."

True, I have copied and pasted a lot of the stupid things he wrote. Deleted ?  no, why would I want to delete the stupid things he wrote that show him as being ridiculous. He's the one who's been deleting things as a cover up now. I had also copied things from his now private "Orthodox Prophets" blog. It had been public for a long time also but then was made private.  Recently, he has been deleting posts from his JTO blog that may embarrass him now. As a matter of fact, he even made a post about deleting certain things from it since joining his new jurisdiction.
 Joanna may have deleted some things from her Remnant Rocor blog at Fr. Gregory Williams request because of the constant harassment and threats made to him by Lewis, just so he would be left alone to concern himself with more important things like being a priest, administering the Haitian Orthodox Mission and running the St. John of Kronstadt Press. Funny how Nathan wrote a post praising the man when things where going his way before revealing his true self then turned around writing posts and verbally badmouthing him, and still only recently threatening him. Well, that's Hollywood, isn't it ? I myself don't need to embarrass or discredit Nathan and friends as they do a great job of it themselves.

"Saul Alinsky would be proud as Christie faithfully follows his rules, especially:"

He goes on to list three rules by some guy he claims I follow. I had absolutely no idea who this man was, never even heard of him before Nathan mentioned him. Reading these "rules" he writes about that I've been following, I say that Lewis himself is the one using these methods. What a jerk !

 "What Mr. Christie did not know is that JTO has been researching the whereabouts and conduct of Minas Michael Christie for those four years."

Oh Boy! who's stalking who ? I'm going to finish up and maybe deal with this in another post.

 Going forward, the last time I checked this is still the U.S.A. and people, even Nathan, may express their opinion freely about people and the things they put out there on the internet without being threatened with frivolous lawsuits. To get to the meat of the matter he insinuates that I'm some kind of "America's Most Wanted" big time criminal that should be on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. He then posts a link to some three old misdemeanor charges against me from the 1980's and 90's, ...pathetic !
My Police Record,
arrested 1984, possession  of cannabis, misdemeanor, guilty,
$100 fine, no probation
arrested 1986, possession  of cannabis, misdemeanor, guilty, released, time served, no probation
arrested 1997, trespass after warning, felony, charges dropped to a misdemeanor, failing to abide by a lawful order by an officer,  released time served, no probation

 SO WHAT, BIG DEAL! ancient history. This is all typical "Ad Hominem" tactics, attacking the person with innuendo instead of with the facts. I guess that Orthodox prophets are allowed to do that though...

 Nathans "Sexy Prophet" pose. Who can question this charming chap ?

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Since Nathan Lee Lewis was so kind in his "Journey To Orthodoxy" blog post "Blogger Troll confesses to Criminal Record-Big Deal!" as to put a Google Earth photo of my home, give my address, insinuate among other things that I have a major criminal record and that I am being controlled to do the bidding of a "Jezebel Spirit" which has taken possession of my friend Joanna Higginbotham in order to destroy "The Man of God" (guess who?) and the church, I have decided to return the favor, a bit. So here's a shot of Mr. Lewis's home as seen from the road.

 OK, OK, so that's not really his house. No, I was just having a little fun with it. Actually his real house is much nicer looking than this, and doesn't have the all the signs on the front lawn although by the looks of it, it's about the same size as this Hillbilly shack,  910 sq. ft.sitting on 2.33 acres. Then again, it was built in 1950 so perhaps this could actually be the same house from years past before renovations.  BTW, nice lawn Nathan, must be difficult keeping up though.

Here's a Google Earth shot of it from 2013.
 Too bad the Google shot didn't catch him outside of it like it caught me outside. Well, maybe next time.
  I do admit I was wrong about a couple of things though. I always was under the impression that all the big shot Hollywood type people like him all live in huge castle-like estates, I see I was wrong. But there is definitely room to build with all that land. Now I see that Nathan Lee Lewis is just a regular type guy, like me, albeit a prophet. I'm sorry that I've been under the impression that he all stuck up and full of himself. What was I thinking ?
 BTW, here's a aerial photo of his house.
 There was a time when Nathan Lee Lewis didn't even want his town to be displayed on the internet. But with his St. Symeon Mission blog he gives a PO Box and says to call him for directions. A bit secretive I would say.

 But he registered his Rocky Top Films at his home address:  ahem. Public information... hmmm, two employee's located on property, I'm just guessing that it's he and his wife. I must say, by the sound of the company on it's webpage I was under the impression that Rocky Top Films was a major film production company housed in a huge building with multiple employee's for churning out those blockbuster Christian movies. Ah, but what do I know about making films. I am looking forward to seeing the St. Moses The Black movie that  he's been talking about making all these years on his JTO blog and Facebook... when he makes it, and I'm sure he will because he said so. I'm  highly anticipating it and sure it will be absolutely riveting. Good luck with the project Nathan. I wish I could send you some seed money to help make it, forgive me, but I'm all tapped out after I invested in a pyramid scheme years ago.

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"But, for the cause of Christ and His Holy Church I come to the defense of God's people who are the targets of an enemy who "roams to and fro, seeking whom he may devour." 

It's about time I guess. Orthodoxy has been lacking in hero's like Nathan. I concede JTO, you got me... hat tip.

 "Now, all would agree that if we repent, God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, but an obvious, arrogant, rebellious, and lawless sense of entitlement seems to characterize Mr. Christie's conduct still today."
 Yea, of course, I now realize that only special people like you are allowed a lawless sense of bad

 "Mr. Christie has attempted to remain in the shadows..."
 Well actually, I try to stay in the shade, it gets pretty hot down here in Florida

 "What Mr. Christie did not know is that JTO has been researching the whereabouts and conduct of Minas Michael Christie for those four years. That research includes publicly available information, various internet activity, and a background check"
 Wow ! I hadn't realized that, it's OK though Nathan. If anyone else but you had done this I would have thought I was being stalked.

                             "time to shine light into Christie's shadows."

Always a pleasure to look upon your shinning countenance, Mr. Lewis

" Mr. Minas Michael Christie has proven himself to be as
 "Minas the Devil"
Hey, that's not very nice. I'm beginning to think you don't like me.




  "Because you have been a divider, God will cause division among you. You will be cut off- isolated- alone. Strife will fill your days and peace will be far from you. You will be cast down and the dogs will feast on your flesh."
But all I did was make comments to your posts pointing out how wrong you were, in so many ways. Oh well, some people just can't take constructive criticism I guess


Saturday, January 3, 2015



"Women of wisdom, virtue, and holiness will read this article and not take offense nor feel it is directed at her nor misogynistic in its message. The woman with the Jezebel spirit will be angered, feel exposed, and be compelled to lash out."
Nathan Lee Lewis, "Journey to Orthodoxy" July 18, 2014 post, "A Sign Of The Jezebel Spirit"

  "She turned to another tactic- trying to gain the confidence of my wife. When she learned that my wife had broken her wrist, she mailed a gift package to her. My wife, being very aware of the Jezebel spirit and knowing, as do I, her ploys and tactics, and that the woman had publicly denounced her husband, joined me in refusing the package and mailing it back, unopened" 

Greetings Man and Woman of God. Allow me to introduce myself, I am the Jezebel Jinn in the Box and I have been sent here to destroy you ! But I mean this in a nice way, so relax.

Back when Nathan was going to Fr Gregory's ROCA parish in Tennessee and Joanna Higginbotham became aware of Lewis' prophet delusion she had a few email exchanges with him trying to talk some sense into him. Of course Nathan took offense and would have none of it unless everything was done on this own terms, in other words, if she (and the priest) would accept him being a prophet. I guess this must have been about the same time he received his revelation that she was in reality a "Jezebel". He has also written that men can have a "Jezebel Spirit" so I also surmise that he eventually had another revelation that the priest also was possessed by a "Jezebel Spirit, or at least being controlled by one (Jezebel Higginbotham) like he claims I am. 

  Now,  Nathan's wife Xanthia had broken her wrist and Joanna thought she would extend a peace offering by sending her a package with comfrey salve, to help it heal. She had told the priest of this plan and got his approval. The priest even gave her the Lewis's address.  Nathan and his wife must have took this as an attempt to put some sort of a spell on them and sent it back unopened. I guess they're not much into natural remedies. Here's what she had to sayabout it in an email to me...

   On 1/7/13, Joanna Higginbotham <> wrote:

> I think they believe him.  Remember that commentator who said that
> Nathan wold start his own church and only his family would be members
> of it?  I think that commentator knows Nathan.

> When Xanthia broke her wrist I mailed her some comfrey salve.  And she
> refused it.  It was returned to me.  I had emailed her and told her it
> was coming.  The next day there was a hit on each of my anti-Nathan
> posts including the Holy Father on Actors in the Church.  I imagine
> that Nathan showed her all the posts, but prior to that had not said
> anything to her about me.

> I do consider it when people are married to each other.  But I never
> had anything against Nathan, he was the one who refused to speak to
> me.  I never verbally assaulted him, he was the one who refused
> discussion with me [unless he cold be the teacher...].  I had no
> reason not to treat Xanthia with the same courtesy I'd treat anyone
> else in my parish.  I respect that she wants nothing to do with me.
> To me it just further proves that Nathan is lying to himself and he
> knows it, deep down he knows it.  But the wife sides with her husband.

> Interesting.  Xanthia stopped doing Fr. Gregory's parish calendar when
> she broke her wrist.  And so far she has not resumed doing it.  I know
> there were some complications, and she is having unexplained fainting
> spells.  They have other problems besides me.


"The controlling Jezebel spirit... is most often displayed in women."..."They maneuver, lobby or manipulate their way into communication with men - especially, the clergy"...." she must have influence and position and has an insatiable desire for affirmation and recognition"
  An insatiable desire for affirmation and recognition, this sounds a lot more like Nathan'  modus operandi (method of operation) to me.

 "Jezebel does not desire equality with men, she desires to dominate them... in particular, the man of God"
Man of God, I presume that would be his alternate super-ego Mr. JTO the prophet who prefers to be dominate over everyone. Prophets are prone to think that way.

  "Her tool is to gain the confidence of the man of God in order to do him harm, if not openly, then by subterfuge."
 Sounds like another one of his conspiracy theories to me. The man is so paranoid. Anyone who disagrees with his delusions become an automatic demonic enemy out to destroy him. Mr. JTO, you brought these Protestant "I'm a prophet" fantasies with you when you allegedly became "Orthodox".  The two canonical synods you were briefly a part of told you the truth about all this nonsense and tried to help you realize this and actually gain a Orthodox mindset. You wanted no part of their sober advice, and that's why you left them. The only ones that are entertaining your fantasies (and also the fantasies of others in their ranks) are the vagante regurgitated Milan Synod that you are now part of. They care not for the state of your soul because they allow you to wallow in your quagmire of self deception.

 "The Jezebel will initially attempt to deceive the prophet/seer as she would any man, however, when she realizes she is thwarted or exposed, she will viciously attack or resist the prophet/seer (1 Kings 19) and attempt to diminish his voice."  

  Sure, sure, Jezebel Higginbotham tried pretending to be nice, but the Prophet Nathan (Lee Lewis) didn't fall for this ploy, so, she attacked him viciously ( by telling him he's in demonic delusion). This reminds me of  a TV show I saw once called "When Jezebel's Attack!" BTW, I have actually heard Nathan's voice in a a couple of video's and I think it should be diminished. Not only because what he usually says is so full of crap, but also  because it is just so whinny and aggravating, like someone's nails scratching across a chalkboard.  

    "She may contradict him at every turn, and try to rally others to resist him as well"  

He's got it all backwards, actually it was I who alerted Joanna to Nathan's prophet delusion so it must have been me who rallied her. I suppose this would technically make me the Jezebel, and her my Ahab.

   "She works behind the scenes with gossip couched in religious language and feigned concern for the church, but her real motivation is to remove what she perceives to be an obstacle to her mission of domination"


"Jezebel's reach today is expansive and rapid due to modern communication technology, in particular, social media, blogs, and mass e-mails."
 It could also be said that thanks to modern technology, self righteous, egotistical, boring jerks have a expansive reach, in particular self righteous, egotistical boring jerks like Mr. JTO

 "With the click of a button, Jezebel can speak into the life of the church and communicate with numerous men and clergy at one time. But her preferred method is not blatancy or obvious words- it is a methodical and slow dissemination of information and influence, which she hopes will gain the confidence of the hearers. With a Facebook account or a presence in a chat room, Jezebel, in effect, sits in counsel and discussion with the clergy as an equal, giving her opinion and advice"
 Well, I suppose you, dear reader, are assuming that Mr. JTO here is referring to 'Jezebel" Higginbotham, but no, that's not the case. Joanna is Nathan's Jezebel #2. Actually here he is taking a poke at Jezebel #1, who I have on good authority is none other than the current Ecafe's administrator, a lady named Maria, aka"Jezebel" Hanson He had had a confrontation with on Facebook. She is also a member (but claims she wants to get out of it. You go girl !) of the regurgitated Milan Synod. Seems to me that Nathan is rather jealous of her position and influence on Ecafe. Not that I think Maria is such a great moderator or administrator. I think Ecafe has really gone down the tubes the last few years with the Joseph Suaiden's and other self proclaimed Ortho-experts posting and commenting there. But could you imagine what someone like a Nathan Lee Lewis as administrator could do to confuse newbie's coming there trying to learn about true Orthodoxy! I shudder to contemplate it.


"I have recently become aware of a recurring theme in regards to Jezebel's work in targeting Genuine Orthodox Churches. She will often promote the idea that the group is "small", a "remnant", and are the only ones who know what is going on."
Here of course he is referring to ROCA and Joanna Higginbothan's blog Remnant Rocor. In actual fact the Regurgitated Milan Synod, who may appear to be a major canonical synod, thanks to the efforts of their chief internet propagandists, The Brew Deacon Joseph Suaiden and the Emonk Enoch Fetter. No, in reality they are a very small group of vagantes who are not accepted as fitting the criteria of a canonical Orthodox Church by any canonical synod, except of course, by a few maverick jurisdictional ecumenists on the Ecafe, a forum that has long outlived it's usefulness. 

 "In truth, no one should take pride in the fact that the remnant of true believers is small,  as it indicates a weakness in the mission of the church to bring salvation to all the world."
This statement is straight out of the tele-evangelists handbook. Let me Bible thump a bit, every heard about Luke 12:32 (KJV), "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."

  "But, Jezebel will work to cast dispersion on other groups and point out their failures, often calling out groups and people by name"
As they say, If the shoe fits, wear it
"In this, she entrenches herself as a part of this small group so as to exercise her influence. The aim is to subconsciously plant the idea in others that she is "one of us." In truth, her goal is to keep the true believers "small" by causing division and preventing unity both in the church and in the lives of individuals. Jezebel hates unity, works to undermine it at every turn, and works to keep things stirred up"


"The Jezebel spirit will single out a man and try to make her way into his confidence. I once had a woman contact me by Facebook message. I am selective about who I "friend", but Jezebel spirit is cunning and usually not obvious. The woman told me who she was and that both she and her husband use the Facebook account, so I would get to talk with both of them. I accepted her friend request and also her request for my JTO e-mail. The woman began to send me a group e-mail bashing other jurisdictions. I asked to be removed from that list. She did so. Then, she e-mailed me personally, "sharing" information about another Orthodox brother. I immediately put a halt to it, telling her that "Sharing information about another Orthodox brother" and she "bordered on gossip"what she was doing "bordered on gossip" and "frankly, I do not want to hear it." 
 "Sharing information about another Orthodox brother" and she "bordered on gossip" I wonder who she (The "Jezebel" Maria Hanson) was talking about? I have a strong suspicion it was Nathan' brother in  concoction, fabrication, and truth bending, The Brew Deacon.

 "I de-friended her on Facebook, but have subsequently seen the woman doing the same in conversations with others. I also saw the Jezebel spirit at work when I was discussing a matter on Facebook with a group of priests where she was participating. 
Her response to my words was to warn all (but directed toward me) to respect the words of our priests"
 Never, ever get in the middle of a group of  sham priests being instructed in righteousness by a bogus prophet, especially if your a Jezebel. Nothing good can come from it.

"This Jezebelian tactic is designed to be a wedge of divisiveness. With that statement, she publicly presented herself as the devoted servant and me as the rebellious independent "
 I would have to say that in this case this "Jezebel" was absolutely correct about Nathan being a rebellious independent

"This, on the heels of our private e-mail where I rebuffed her for her tendency to gossip. I have yet to hear from her husband by e-mail or message, nor have I seen him in any social media forum. Left unchecked, this Jezebel-influenced woman will cause harm to the church. The question that should be asked of such a woman independently involved in this activity is, "Woman, where is thy husband"?
 Again, Nathan' other Jezebel Spirit obsession, "Jezebel" Hanson. That's none other than Maria, the Grand Inquisitor/administrator of the Ecafe. No wonder he never posts there, he may be challenged by her and the rest of the motley crew who frequent that trap.

Maria is Nathan's Jezebel #1, while Joanna is his Jezebel #2


"I endured a three year period of time when I was publicly maligned, via the internet,  by a woman Jezebel. The viciousness of the attack included the posting of my name and the public accusation that I only had "partial salvation"
 Nathan's Jezebel #2, Joanna Higginbotham never said he had only "partial salvation", she did say he had "incomplete conversion to the Orthodox faith", was in prelest, was deluded, and was deceived by demons because of Nathan's belief that he was a prophet of God, and his bringing this fantasy with him into the Church from his Protestant denominational travels.
 If Nathan goes around making numerous postings on his blogs claiming and insinuating he is some kind of Orthodox prophet and authority on all l things Orthodox, then he should expect more sober minded people to call him out on it. If he doesn't like it, too bad for him, not every one is a mindless dingbat who accepts what he's trying to sell himself as being. The viciousness of the attack is Nathan's take on someone not believing his Protestant inspired views of Orthodoxy. Does he really believe he should be patted on the back ?

"This Jezebel rallied a few others- men whom she controlled - to publicly accuse me with words of, "false prophet", "enemy of the church", "liar" and even likening me to an ape"
This jerk is full of it, if you know what I mean. Here in his post called "Put A Bit In It" he compares her to a horse.

"this Jezebel was an "orthodox" woman who ran an "orthodox" blog. The catalyst for her attacks was the fact that I had rebuffed her numerous attempts to become my counselor. She offered unsolicited correction to me based on her false perceptions of me"
More bull, Joanna isn't-wasn't the only one, besides myself, who called him out on the crap he was putting out on his blogs over the years.

Let me end this post by giving this self made holy man the final words from his "A Sign Of The Jezebel Spirit" post. I'm sure he got most of this stuff from his personal spiritual library and the numerous "Jezebel" sites online. If you do a search using this J word you will be able to find 250-300 such Charismatic/Pentecostal links


"1. One woman may only be influenced by the spirit of Jezebel and be acting in self-deception. Another may be controlled by Jezebel- a Jezabel - and, having stepped into a mode of witchcraft, be a more powerful tool of satan. These must be discerned.
2. Men can also be influenced by the spirit of Jezebel and unknowingly be doing her bidding. Other men may be under the control of the spirit of Jezebel and act as her emissary- her eunuch. This, too must be discerned.
3. The tell-tale sign for each is rebellion, for "rebellion as the sin of witchcraft..."


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