Wednesday, January 7, 2015


                     This is what Nathan would have people believe I am like

 Nathan writes, calling me a mysterious, nameless and faceless administrator, who works alongside Joanna Higginbotham on several blogs,"Jezebel"as he has labeled her. Prophets are allowed to do so without being accused of slander and defamation of course. The subjects of "The Jezebel Spirit" and "Prophets" being the obsessions of many of his posts, among with many other pieces of baggage he has brought with him into the Orthodox Church.
  Along with his Bible thumping rhetoric and personal prophetic interpretations he likes using several Pentecostal/Charismatic made You Tube video's to make his points. He complains, and even threatens lawsuits, about the way we, and others, have expressed opinions about him and his writings as being unsafe for the Orthodox mindset. Here he writes...

" Christie's harassing tactics includes cryptic suggestions that he is privy to information such as private Facebook photos,"

 Ha! "Cryptic suggestions"? He would have you think that I hacked into his Facebook and took his private photo's and postings! Nathan's FB stuff, as well as his postings in other places online, were all public for the longest time. Only recently has he made efforts to delete or hide it, making it available only to people on his FB friends list since he hooked up with the regurgitated Milan Synod bunch.

"that he has copied and pasted even deleted posts and other materials, with the inference that he intends to use them to  embarrass or discredit the subject."

True, I have copied and pasted a lot of the stupid things he wrote. Deleted ?  no, why would I want to delete the stupid things he wrote that show him as being ridiculous. He's the one who's been deleting things as a cover up now. I had also copied things from his now private "Orthodox Prophets" blog. It had been public for a long time also but then was made private.  Recently, he has been deleting posts from his JTO blog that may embarrass him now. As a matter of fact, he even made a post about deleting certain things from it since joining his new jurisdiction.
 Joanna may have deleted some things from her Remnant Rocor blog at Fr. Gregory Williams request because of the constant harassment and threats made to him by Lewis, just so he would be left alone to concern himself with more important things like being a priest, administering the Haitian Orthodox Mission and running the St. John of Kronstadt Press. Funny how Nathan wrote a post praising the man when things where going his way before revealing his true self then turned around writing posts and verbally badmouthing him, and still only recently threatening him. Well, that's Hollywood, isn't it ? I myself don't need to embarrass or discredit Nathan and friends as they do a great job of it themselves.

"Saul Alinsky would be proud as Christie faithfully follows his rules, especially:"

He goes on to list three rules by some guy he claims I follow. I had absolutely no idea who this man was, never even heard of him before Nathan mentioned him. Reading these "rules" he writes about that I've been following, I say that Lewis himself is the one using these methods. What a jerk !

 "What Mr. Christie did not know is that JTO has been researching the whereabouts and conduct of Minas Michael Christie for those four years."

Oh Boy! who's stalking who ? I'm going to finish up and maybe deal with this in another post.

 Going forward, the last time I checked this is still the U.S.A. and people, even Nathan, may express their opinion freely about people and the things they put out there on the internet without being threatened with frivolous lawsuits. To get to the meat of the matter he insinuates that I'm some kind of "America's Most Wanted" big time criminal that should be on the FBI's 10 most wanted list. He then posts a link to some three old misdemeanor charges against me from the 1980's and 90's, ...pathetic !
My Police Record,
arrested 1984, possession  of cannabis, misdemeanor, guilty,
$100 fine, no probation
arrested 1986, possession  of cannabis, misdemeanor, guilty, released, time served, no probation
arrested 1997, trespass after warning, felony, charges dropped to a misdemeanor, failing to abide by a lawful order by an officer,  released time served, no probation

 SO WHAT, BIG DEAL! ancient history. This is all typical "Ad Hominem" tactics, attacking the person with innuendo instead of with the facts. I guess that Orthodox prophets are allowed to do that though...

 Nathans "Sexy Prophet" pose. Who can question this charming chap ?

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