Monday, January 5, 2015


Since Nathan Lee Lewis was so kind in his "Journey To Orthodoxy" blog post "Blogger Troll confesses to Criminal Record-Big Deal!" as to put a Google Earth photo of my home, give my address, insinuate among other things that I have a major criminal record and that I am being controlled to do the bidding of a "Jezebel Spirit" which has taken possession of my friend Joanna Higginbotham in order to destroy "The Man of God" (guess who?) and the church, I have decided to return the favor, a bit. So here's a shot of Mr. Lewis's home as seen from the road.

 OK, OK, so that's not really his house. No, I was just having a little fun with it. Actually his real house is much nicer looking than this, and doesn't have the all the signs on the front lawn although by the looks of it, it's about the same size as this Hillbilly shack,  910 sq. ft.sitting on 2.33 acres. Then again, it was built in 1950 so perhaps this could actually be the same house from years past before renovations.  BTW, nice lawn Nathan, must be difficult keeping up though.

Here's a Google Earth shot of it from 2013.
 Too bad the Google shot didn't catch him outside of it like it caught me outside. Well, maybe next time.
  I do admit I was wrong about a couple of things though. I always was under the impression that all the big shot Hollywood type people like him all live in huge castle-like estates, I see I was wrong. But there is definitely room to build with all that land. Now I see that Nathan Lee Lewis is just a regular type guy, like me, albeit a prophet. I'm sorry that I've been under the impression that he all stuck up and full of himself. What was I thinking ?
 BTW, here's a aerial photo of his house.
 There was a time when Nathan Lee Lewis didn't even want his town to be displayed on the internet. But with his St. Symeon Mission blog he gives a PO Box and says to call him for directions. A bit secretive I would say.

 But he registered his Rocky Top Films at his home address:  ahem. Public information... hmmm, two employee's located on property, I'm just guessing that it's he and his wife. I must say, by the sound of the company on it's webpage I was under the impression that Rocky Top Films was a major film production company housed in a huge building with multiple employee's for churning out those blockbuster Christian movies. Ah, but what do I know about making films. I am looking forward to seeing the St. Moses The Black movie that  he's been talking about making all these years on his JTO blog and Facebook... when he makes it, and I'm sure he will because he said so. I'm  highly anticipating it and sure it will be absolutely riveting. Good luck with the project Nathan. I wish I could send you some seed money to help make it, forgive me, but I'm all tapped out after I invested in a pyramid scheme years ago.


  1. Regarding the above-mentioned JTO post "Blogger Troll confesses to Criminal Record-Big Deal!":

    I went to the JTO website and read that post. It occurs to me that Nathan is either threatened by or resentful about the fact that Fr. Gregory is my priest. He criticizes the fact that I live in Oregon and belong Fr. Gregory's parish in Tennessee. He publishes that unsupported email from Fr. Gregory trying to cause strife between me and Fr. Gregory. It is a good sign to me when the devil is so displeased – shows me that God is pleased.

    If Nathan would repent of his prophet delusion and accept the Church's Authority instead of the demon that whispers in his ear, then he could return to the Church and be healed. There is a parish of the Church less than 15 miles away from his home. Most of us don't have that convenience...

  2. The other thing I noticed in that same referenced JTO post was that the 1997 citation against Minas was a municipal violation, not a criminal charge. This is no more serious than jaywalking. The citation for his "attitude" was nolle pros – meaning: it was dismissed, not prosecuted.

    Nathan would have a field day with my record. In the 70's during a campus demonstration I was arrested and charged with everything they could think of.

  3. Well Joanna, I guess we all can't be squeaky clean, above board, holy type people like Nathan. I'm sure he has never done, or ever would do, the kind of stuff many average people have done at one time or another, past or present. For example, yes I admit that I have used profanity before, even the F word in the past. No, I didn't use that word when I made my comments to him in which, he claims I used profanity, I did say the bullsh*t word though.
    I'm sure he being such a upright Orthodox teacher of the church, a reader, a Christian film maker, and a Father of 4 daughters has never, or would ever use profanity of any sort, under any circumstances.

  4. Correction, he's the Father of 5 daughters and would never use profanity like the F word under any circumstances, I'm sure even if he had a gotten a part in a movie that called for him to use that F word, I know he would turn it down. Why, because it would be unbecoming of an Orthodox Christian of his caliber.

  5. Oh! actually he has used profanity, the F word in a film he starred in called "Fathers". But of course that was the actor Nathan, not Mr. JTO the Prophet Nathan would said that word. You must understand there is a big difference between doing or saying something professionally and privately. Yes, just as the Biblical Prophet/Actors of old use to separate their public and private lives

  6. If that occurrence, where Nathan used the f-word in a film, was pre-baptism, then there is no consequence anymore.

    But, did Nathan ever really get baptized? Certainly in the GOC he was given the true sacrament – but did he ever receive the fullness of the Gift? I see no indication. He remains in delusion. That charismatic demon is hard to shake – it needs to be faced head on, recognized and rebuked. Nathan never did that. He came into the Church with his holy spirit, desiring to find a home for his charismatic spirit in the Church.

    Thank You God, that Nathan was unable to bring his pseudo-holy-spirit into our ROCA. I know that already this charismatic spirit has infiltrated into the Greek Church and the Antiochian Church. Nathan tried to bring his charismatic spirit into the GOC. Then he tried to bring it into ROCA.

    Thank God it failed.

    Fr. Gregory says that if Nathan wants to repent, that he will try to help him.