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After all, he has God on his matter what, and who can stand against that ? You had better believe it or you will justly bring down fire, severe wrath and afflictions upon your miserable heads. You see, Joe has an extreme narcissistic personality, and if he can't get his way he becomes a very hostile and vengeful beast who will stop at nothing to see to it you are punished, one way or another. Now if that doesn't seem to be working he will alternately or at the same time use the poor, slandered Martyr Joseph approach in order to gain sympathy, as seen here in his blog, "The Signora", or The Siesta as I like to call it. Notice these two comments at the posts end, which I have moved up here. Something seems fishy about them, notice the times. Some guy just happens to be up at 4:25 am and just happens runs across this ? Then JS just happens to be up at that time and posts his comment at 4:37 am ? Rather suspicious but works out wonderfully for The Great One to add one more bid for sympathy and another poke at us refugee's...

Not really. (Ironically, the folks who hate my guts also call me “Mr. Suaiden”, as a way of saying I’m not really a “Deacon Joseph”.) I appreciate the sentiment though ;
There, there, Joe. See, I called you Joe, feel better now. I don't hate your guts but I do I hate your bullshit, and, I do think you're a deacon, a fake deacon in a vagante group which calls itself true Orthodox. I mean sorry, but this is the best I can muster to say about you Mr. Suaiden, ah, Swaydyn, I mean Joe.


"Should I be engaging in an Internet war?

A part of me has to question the morality of going after people who have demonstrated a willingness to lie and slander in the ecclesiastical sphere– and expose them with force"
 Who you asking, your Met. John ? I believe you had written he already gave you the go ahead to attack us. He hates being exposed too. So you and your buddy Prophet-reader Nathan aka the third person called JTO marched ahead for your synod, your metropolitan, and most of all for the defense of your own wounded honors. 
 Historically, your many past actions prove you love and live for confrontation in the form of blog wars, forum postings and emailings. Unfortunately for you, this time, once I get done presenting all the facts I know about you, you'll be the one having been exposed as a lying, self serving, phoney. Haven't you heard? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
. "I’m getting older, and the truth is, my health is not the best. Even I’m wondering if this is a good idea. Before 2010, I was actually pretty happy posting on NFTU. I didn’t do it with an agenda. I did it with a desire to report on True Orthodoxy all over the world. I was happy."
  Yea, I feel ya bro, I'm getting old too and my health is not the best either. I'll tell you, it's really not a good idea for either of us. But, I kind of feel it's my duty now to tell everyone about how big a jerk you are, if they're too naive to see. Your happy as long as your peeing and everyone getting wet believe it's just raining on them. Your true motives are to dissimulate, divide, and confuse people into accepting who you want them to believe you are, accept your jurisdictional ecumenism, and accept the status of your vagante, pretend church group as being canonical . Please, enough of these nonsensical bids for status and sympathy.

"After the cranks attacked, almost from inside, however, something inside me changed as a writer/blogger."
I believe he's been suffering from some form of  lycanthrope since birth...

                        Quick, someone get the wolfbane and silver bullets !

"Every post suddenly became a chore. Every request to put up a news story became a million questions in my head, why, should I, who am I helping, who am I harming, do I even want to bother. The cranks thought that they were attacking me for their own sick reasons for years now. Even now it’s like I’m on trial for them (“Can we all see now that Joseph Suaiden is not our friend?“) and that’s the grand joke of it."
  Si, Jose is no me amigo. But if I saw him broke down by the side of the road I'd probably stop and give him a ride to the nearest bus stop.
"By then, I didn’t care.
These sick people finally broke me in 2010 and didn’t realize it. I’d survived HOCNA, Gregory of Colorado’s cult, death threats from the Luriyites, getting thrown out of ROAC for, basically, nothing, getting trashed repeatedly by a whole bunch of people in my Synod for existing (thank God, they left to the ROCOR-MP), but at least I still had NFTU. "
  Yea, you have been around the block several times. BTW, you forgot to mention using those fake names and harassing that nun on the phone and online back in 1999 which led to her getting the Canadian police involved for your cyber stalking activities. Of course you repented after being threatened with jail time.  I have devoted a entire post to this subject BTW
 I doubt seriously you received any death threats, more than likely you made some. 
 As far as being thrown out of ROAC for basically nothing, well, might it have been because they learned that you left your first wife and four children to marry you present wife with three children who had left her first husband to be with you ? Possibly. I have devoted an entire post to this subject also
  I recall when I was doing work for your NFTU in 2010, your telling me you were having problems with a priest monk, Simon Salos. I guess you resented him because he was taking away some of your spotlight when he returned to the synod again. You two had a little war going on between you for quite a while.You told me he had had an affair with a woman and got her pregnant, while being a priest monk. Then he had left your synod to be with her. It didn't work out well for him and he return with his tail tucked between his legs. You said Met. John forgave him but demoted him to being just a plain monk, hence the name change from Simon Salos to Symeon Bar Yohanan, BTW, cool names. Well I guess your Met. finally ordered you both to cool it and you to keep your mouth shut about the whole affair and get along with him. Had to put on a good public face and avoiding bad press for your synod and him, of course. Quite the peacemaker, it wouldn't have looked good if these kind of things got out. Unfortunately and evidently though, I'm not the only one you told this to because I heard that others know about all this and have been talking also.
"And then these people came from the newly formed Agafangelites wanting to be helpful with everything. And then they turned around and slandered us." 
 No, actually it was you and Xenia who came asking my help. She sent me an email asking me to join your NFTU team. Of course that was before I had you figured out. 
 It was Xenia, the 'web designer" who got "friendly" with Joanna Higginbotham and tried fooling her into letting Xenia become an administrator of her Rocor Refugee's blog under the pretense of helping her "fix things". She also made the "suggestion" that Joanna move all her blogs into the one. Now wouldn't that have been just wonderful, kind of like inviting a snake to bed. Fortunately Joanna had the sense to figure out Xenia was up to something not good and refused any more of her "help."

  "I gave up. I hated NFTU for four years. I repeatedly tried to quit, with others, most importantly my wife, asking me to keep it alive. It was then that I went back to something no one could take away from me. It was soccer, and it was the spirit of my father, whose death was still fresh in my mind. The most they could do was call it a stupid hobby, or ridiculously tie it to ecumenism– and I didn’t care, since they slandered me as an ecumenist anyway! And well, my friends know the rest of my story."
 "The spirit of your father" You mean your father's Muslim spirit ?
  "Soccer", you mean your soccer analyst and beer tasting hobby ?

 "I’m still recovering from that parting shot, and other events in life that messed me up. It’s taken me a couple of years. But I’ve gotten better."
  I knew you could do it. But please, continue going to those AA meeting and stay away from the Soccer and beer parties
"And the cranks were irrelevant to me again…. until they attacked my Bishop for doing the right thing and attacking heresy."
  My opinion is he made an outrageous claim he can't back up. Others also feel this way too it seems. His trying to use St Philaret's name with some made up story just to give himself credibility. As I have written, if his story can be positively proven from a source that is above reproach, then I will gladly apologize and ask his and your forgiveness.

"Until they attacked someone venerated as a saint (Elder Theodore) by many people — because of false accusations thought up by the Evlogians (that would be Metropolitan Evlogy, not Evloghios)."
 This man is in no way a saint, nor was he an elder, although Joe's synod is trying to portray him as such. I suspect because they want to canonize a saint in their synod to make themselves look more legit.  I have addressed this subject in a separate post called, REGURGITATED MILAN SYNOD GAVE ASYLUM TO FALSE ELDER FROM AN ASYLUM 

"Me, I’m garbage and I know it. You can call me a drunk or all sorts of names all day long (I will get defensive about “heretic”, as the Fathers do)… but you attack good people? Well, that changes everything."
 Another plea for sympathy using fake humbleness, piety, and loyalty IMHO. Narcissists love to fall back on this tactic.

"I’m still ambivalent about NFTU. I don’t know if I will, 10 years after its founding, ever get that joy back I lost. Probably not. But I believe there are True Orthodox Christians still willing to tell the truth as honestly as possible. Maybe I won’t see them in my lifetime. But I hope to leave them an example of the right way to report– honestly, without partisanship."
  Pretty good Joe, you should try getting a job as a speech writer for Obama. Makes me want to vomit.

"And to do that, I will need to challenge the very people who psychologically broke me four years ago. Let this be my testament then. If I repose beforehand…. let this be my explanation as to why."
  I will say a prayer for Joseph  Mahomond Swaydyn soul should he repose before being victorious
 Re: Please Pray for Joseph Suaiden


A Nun Gets The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Hate Crimes Unit Involved !

OCCNA members comment are in white
Joseph Suaiden's alleged comments are in blue
My comments are in yellow

 In 1999 Joseph Suaiden had joined the vagante Orthodox Catholic Church in North America, just another one of many in his jurisdictional travels.  
 It would seem that Joe was excommunicated from this group after he went along with another vagante breakaway group,  the "Roman Orthodox Church" led by a excommunicated priest turned bishop, Denis Garrison.  If your interested,  more info on all this  can be found here :

This is from 1999 in the The Excommunicate Hall of Shame of the OCCNA (ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH IN NORTH AMERICA)
" The Internet is a relatively new media form and there is very little control over what is published. Tracing information can be difficult and costly. Because of this, people have, for some reason that escapes me, used this media to attack others based on little or nothing. I assume they derive some sort of pleasure from attacking their fellow man. Because of this, many on the Internet have used terms such as "Kooks", "Loonies" and Internet "Trolls" to describe people who derive pleasure out of attacking others".... "The detractor, unfortunately and apparently, spends more time attacking our humble jurisdiction than he spends working out his own salvation."... "Such attacks have included blasphemy and profanity! This person is obviously unbalanced psychologically."...  "We pray for our enemies as we pray for our friends. We pray that our detractor(s) will find the Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ one day by joining with the Body of Christ; the Orthodox Church and in so doing be freed from the demons that inspire him to work evil."....
....."Below is a puff piece written by Joseph Mahomond Swaydyn (, and heavily edited by Denis Garrison, which does violence to historical fact, Orthodoxy, and the corporate name of THEOCACNA (The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc.), under the direction of Metropolitan Victor Prentice, [the Holy Synod of] which excommunicated the
 names here." 

A list of name's follows, Suaiden's included
This is what Joe writes about the above [14 April 1999]:
"My "silly puff piece" was the result of eight months of investigation, including joining their seminary (NOT their jurisdiction.) That was quite clear from the start." 
 Their response to this statement:
  [Editor notes: How does one join an allegedly orthodox seminary without joining the jurisdiction -- unless either or both are bogus.]
But then Swaydyn contradicts himself with:
"I had mentioned that I would join less than a day or two ago [ie 12 or 13 April 1999]. I hadn't taken vows. 'and" I think I was just listed as a brother there honorifically."
i.e..."vows"  And, "I think"...
Honorifically! Is that something like being awarded the key to the city ?
( From this is no longer a valid link)
 What follows is a long article by Joeseph Suaiden , and to give the devil his due, largely accurate. However, it appears that the malcontent Joe wasn't satisfied yet and felt the need to harass these people via emails and phone calls using false identities, until such time as they had had enough of these shenanigans and got the Canadian Police involved.


 Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 17:59:48 -0700
From: "Joe.Swaydyn"
Subject: I hope you are happy you slime
"Dear [name of innocent party elided]:
I hope you realize just how much you will have to answer for."

"Look at what you've done. Vladika did nothing to you.... Poor Father.... he would simply talk about all the stress, and how people could be so filled with hate. Well, read it your damn self, you scum.
You make me sick. I hope I don't ever catch the disease that created you, you monster-- I am angry enough as it is....I pitied you. But not today. I'll find a way to stop you... somehow. I'll put that page back up-- I will end this nightmare-- before you kill anymore innocent people. You claim to be a Christian....You bastard
Joe "
".Stop sending email to this account."
From [April 22, 1999]
"It is with deep sadness that we announce the untimely repose of His Beatitude, Vladika ANDREI, Metropolitan of All Canada. . . The Rev. Mother-Deaconess Anastasia Chancellor of the Metropolia "
"Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:"
 >-From: "Orthodox Church of Canada"
>-To: [name elided]
>-Subject: You win
>-Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 21:02:37 EDT

>-[name elided]:

>-Alright, I capitulate. You win.
>-What can I do to end this harassment?

I'm not sure who this one below is to, since the name was elided. Joe claims it wasn't him, maybe not, hard to tell. However there really can be no doubt as to who the nun was referring to when she says this, now can there? "Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:"

From: "Orthodox Church of Canada"
 To: [forwarded]
Subject: Re: You win
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 20:41:16 EDT
"Very cute, [name elided].
So you were "Igor" the fake Russian who called the other night. You should have called me back, and we could have played some more games together!
So obvious, when you promptly updated your webpage to list my one-time surname (it is properly Niebler, not Arenburg) and my son's civil name of Stephen (you spelled it wrong!)
Vladika ANDREI created this account and had only used it to e-mail once before today, and that was the message that follows. You stupidly have given us all the evidence we need by replying to this box from your "Aberrant" account. We have confirmed your identity. Better hire a good criminal lawyer fast! One who specializes in international law! Tee hee!
Soon you will be in prison, much to our blessed relief! We shall pray that God heals you of your mental illness soon.
 Nun Anastasia"
 >To: (aka Joe Mahomond Swaydyn)
>Subject: Timely clarification
>Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 20:38:38 -0700 (PDT)
>In response to your specious and unoriginal objections regarding the
>unfortunate excommunication of Denis Garrison et al (see
>, the
>"[The Editor further notes that there were _more_ than three _valid_
>Orthodox bishops on the THEOCACNA synod which excommunicated Garrison
>et al and that the constitution of THEOCACNA, Inc. requires only one
>signature of the Archbishop-President or acting locum tenens of the
>Presidency of the Holy Synod to sign such a document.]"
>Do not respond to this email or initiate any further email in the
>future to this account.
 "Upon the advice of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Hate Crimes Unit, I am giving you precisely one warning:
You will not under any circumstances send e-mail to this or any other account in use by our Church, or by any clergyman or member of our church. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in charges of criminal harassment being filed via the F.B.I. If charged, you will be subject to extradition and criminal trial in Canada, where a conviction will lead to a sentence of two-years-less-one-day in a Provincial prison.
All web pages under your control containing the names of hierarchs, clergy, or faithful members of our Church are to be immediately shut down. Do not imagine that you are safe from being tracked, as court orders from either Canada or the U.S. can make it possible to get ISP records from even the freenet webpage providers. Under Canadian law, you are in violation of hate crime statutes, an offence subject to extradition from the U.S. to stand trial in Canada, and the potential sentence of 10 years in a Canadian penitentiary. You are also subject to civil liability for libel, defamation of character, and any personal or corporate damages attained therefrom.
This is your only warning. Failure to comply will result in criminal investigation. We are hardly worth that much trouble to you.
Rev. Mother Anastasia
Orthodox Church of Canada"

Joe claims this wasn't addressed to him but then, who is she referring to ? She said very plainly, 
"Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:"
 He likes the website and makes violent threats!

To me it sounds like he is the person who she reported to the Canadian Police Hate Crimes Unit. What does it sound like to you, the reader ? Please visit this webpage yourselves and decide

  I surmised that it was shortly after this time that Joe, frightened by the possibility of being held accountable and facing jail time for his actions, decided to drop the Mahomond name, change the spelling of Swaydyn to Suaiden and hightail it to Russia for a couple of years (he claims he was invited)  Just another questionable chapter in his history that requires further investigation. By his own account he was a member of ROAC before being booted out for undisclosed reasons.

 However, to give Joe the benefit of the doubt he denied this. So OK, maybe it was later on that he was invited and spent 2 years in Russia, supposedly as a English teacher (Hmmm). Still, I think it is a bit farfetched of him to deny the rest in regards to what this OCCNA says about him.
"Joe "Mahomond" Swaydyn likes this website and makes violent threats as a Muslim:
Rev. Mother Anastasia
Orthodox Church of Canada"

  His so called recent"leave of absence" from his NFTU to "pursue other projects" was to create  more slander blogs against us "mousemole's" as he also calls us. I personally am of the opinion that he may be some sort of a paid mole working to dissimulate the Orthodox Church. He certainly isn't a friend of ROCA.

*You, Reader, be the judge. His recent defense to what this post says can be found here:
 I find it almost incredulous, {well, maybe not for Joe} that he accuses me of slandering him when he has himself been slandering and creating libel against me from as long as 4 years ago, and, is still at it. Now he threatens to sue me ! His sense of entitlement to create situations by slandering and libeling who he wishes, and feels no one has a right to question his actions, then become outraged when the tables are turned against him is....unreal ! I wonder if he's ever heard of a countersuit ?
BTW, here's something a bit more recent that gives some insight and show's that Joseph Suaiden is still at up to his old tricks...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Joseph Suaiden Super Cyber Slanderer Extraordinaire


  Addressing the slanderous allegations made against me by The regurgitated Milan Synod Brew Deacon in one of his newly created cyber slander blogs

"My first encounter with Minas was unexpected. Apparently, as a catechumen, I met this guy in Miami"
 In Miami, about 1997-98, at St. Vladimir ROCOR church parish hall, I met Joe, a man whose whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others. It was early evening and I'm not sure why I entered the hall but I unexpectedly encounter him laying on the floor. He quickly jumped up to introduce himself, he was supposedly a friend of the priests oldest son, (something he later denied) and that he was given permission to stay there a few days. He said he didn't get along at home with his Hispanic Roman Catholic mother and his Muslim Arab father and was asked to move out. I still wonder why they would have done that to this charming cocky know it all gasbag. Seems at the time he had moved back home after going through a divorce with his first Orthodox wife, Adelaide*. Read about it here  and here

  "he felt years later that he could anonymously introduce himself to my wife as “a dog, a big dog”
Semi true, I was new to Facebook and did introduce myself as a big dog. However I thought I was addressing Joe, not his wife. One day I asked a mutual acquaintance if the JS, whose comic book appreciation blog I had recently encountered, was the same JS as I had met in Miami. He laughed, "yea, that's him, that's Sauiden". Some time later, new to Facebook, I saw two profiles side by side, with the same exact profile photo, the "Orthodoxy Or Death" logo. One was JS, the other his wife

Mistakenly,  I PM'd her instead of him, and believing it was JS,  jokingly introduce myself as a big dog.

"and began sending messages to my wife saying “I know your husband”, and trying to talk to her."
False. I didn't begin sending her messages. I did say sorry my mistake, I know your husband from Miami, after she had started cursing me. I kept trying to explain the mix up but she would have none of it. Then JS got on and also started cursing me. I kept trying to explain who I was and where I knew him, trying to apologize for my mix up but they would have none of it. They kept ranting at me so frustrated, I signed off. I believe they may have been drinking or on some mind altering substance. At least that's the impression I got. 

"How do I know this was Minas? Well, that’s the really amazing part. He told me."
True, I did tell him, years later, when doing work for him on NFTU. Before I became aware of his narcissistic self serving nature, his jurisdictional ecumenism agenda, and his vagante and un-canonical status as a Milan Synod deacon. 

 I had been sending him news tips for quite some time and it was his wife who contacted asking me to please be a part of their staff. I hadn't realize just what she was asking at the time and said OK. Later I found out that they wanted me to be on staff and post directly using the dashboard. I was a bit surprised yet since I had already accepted I thought I may as well go along with it and see how it goes with helping them. I ended up doing most of the legwork for a long time for free while they used their new found leisure time to crete other blogs and who knows what else. After a while, I wanted to clear up the air with what happened on Facebook years before. But really deep down I was  hoping they would still be angry about it so I would have a good excuse to leave. Both Suaiden's had gotten comfortable with me there and began treating me as some kind of paid employee and talking down to me. When I did tell him it was me on FB he just laughed about it and said not to worry, he understood, accepting my explanation. Of course he did, he wouldn't want to lose his workhorse over a misunderstanding. So, I continued to serve this jerk for a while longer.
Now he's making a big deal out of it and changing his story.

"Minas was apparently embroiled in a fight in the Kimisis parish of the GOC-Kallinikos in Florida where he had been slandering the parish board– he referred to it in conversation with me as “the Kimisis (sic) mafia”– on (surprise!) anonymous Facebook accounts"
This part is really laughable. Yes I did refer to the parish board as the Kimissis mafia in a conversations with him. But, the part that I said this to him on a anonymous FB accounts is a total lie, hogwash to put it gently. where does he come up with this stuff ? Oh yea, it's JS. BTW, how do you tell if he's lying ? Easy, he's moving his lips and, or, his fingers across his keyboard of course.

"About a month after the dog incident, Minas became a frequent and commenter on NFTU, and wanted to reach out to me personally." 
Total lie ! It was years later that I did any work for him or told him it was me. His wife is the one who reached out to me to help them
 BTW, something funny, after I broke with them JS made a posting on the Ecafe asking for volunteers which read "Hungry Dogs Wanted to help on the NFTU news team" Another funny thing,he had related to me that he felt his NFTU was in some sort of competition with them for readers and if I had any idea's how we could best them. Later, he managed to somehow talk the Ecafe owner to allow him to provide links to his articles on their sidebar. Ecafe already had Portal Credo on their sidebar. After NFTU got on they were both on it for a while, then Portal Credo disappeared from it altogether, another coup for JS. Now, it can be said since JS got his hooks in it and the lack of interest shown to it by the owner, other than to list it on his resume, that and the current moderators who have made it very tribal with it's private forums, that the site has really gone downhill as far as it's importance as a True Orthodox message board is concerned. You could say JS is now a not so silent partner.

"When I put out a request for writers, an editor’s worst nightmare came true: Minas offered his services. Back when I was still new at being a cleric and I wanted to be the nicest guy ever, I took him on".
This is hilarious, yea right, you wanted to be a nice guy, bend over the table Minas. His story makes no sense.

"Basically two problems came to the fore. The first was that, well, the man’s an awful writer
Oh, I hadn't realized that, sorry Joe, wish you would have said something about this all the time I was writing stuff for you there, I would have tried to do better. 

"The second was that Minas had a penchant for posting stories about “miraculous events in World Orthodoxy” (some of which are fraudulent, but none of which are of interest to True Orthodox, who are not in communion with them)"
Gee, sorry again, I hadn't realized. Again, Iwish you would have said something about this then. I thought the title "True Orthodox and Ecumenical News" had something to do with reporting World Orthodoxy's ecumenism also. Silly me ! What a jerk, Joe's head so big it's got it's own orbit.
Oh boy, this is getting tiresome, let me try to end this. No, I never got sued by anyone at Kimmissis.
If Joe didn't need me and thought that way all that time why didn't he do something about it ? Why was I the one to leave NFTU and have him crying sour grapes in an email to the then Archbishop Chrysostomos of SIR (now Bishop Chrysostomos with GOC_K) saying he had considered me his friend and trying to get him involved to get me back on NFTU ?  Why did AB Chrysostomos gently but totally rebuked him?
BTW, Met. Chrysostomos had also put down his entire entire synod as not meeting the criteria as a valid Orthodox jurisdiction in a response to another letter he and a couple others in his group had sent him not too long ago. Narcissist that he is, he actually posted this response to his letter and published it, counting it a victory that he even got a negative reply! The mind of a narcissist certainly is a senseless and dangerous thing that is best ignored.

"And it was right about then that he told me about the dog"
You are full of doggie poo JS

"Now, had I found out about this at the outset I would have told him to walk and not let the door hit him on the way out. But at this point I had invested time and energy. I was now involved:"
Correction, you are so full of monkey crap. 

"As calls to remove Minas increased, I discovered a new blog that was out for my head. Whereas the “ROCOR Refugees” (which at the time was basically Dan Everiss and Joanna Higginbotham, as well as a few unfortunate people who ended up working with them) had their own blog, much of their time was spent bullying arguing with True Orthodox on NFTU to the point where True Orthodox posters were telling me they felt unwelcome."
You are one lying malcontent of a person Joe

"Minas, unfortunately, joined their crowd. Made perfect sense, right? After all, they were all Cyprianites. But I was kind of hoping that he would have found a less… hostile crowd."
I agree, makes perfect sense. They rebuke your vagante synod and they are all hostile. Thanks for the concern, I had the impression you didn't care any longer

 "Unfortunately, he fit right in." 
Unfortunate for you and you agenda's

 "Apparently they don’t know what a “threat” is. Threatening people with violence, as Minas has, is a threat"
 I threatened who with what?

  "From there, it only gets worse. Minas wanted off NFTU. Publicly of course, I said “sad to see 
you go”, et cetera. But in my mind I heard this:"
At this point in his rambling post he inserts a You Tube video of Handel's Messiah, how original. I'll take the liberty of inserting one that portrays what he was really hearing in his mind