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Metropolitan Raphael (TOC-R) Meets Again with Bizarre Name-Worshipping Sect

Seems that most people and synods associated (past and present) with Milan and it's offshoots such as your America Metropolia are bizzare. All the spin doctoring you do can't change this fact.

We don't have to do spin doctoring. All it takes is people to go to your website and realize you're basically a psychopath, and not a very smart one. You and Joanna, you're not representative of your Synod. The ROCOR-A and the GOC-K are filled with very good people, most of whom think you're trolls.* You can try to paint us however you want. What you don't realize is that we're Orthodox Christians, and our relations with other Orthodox go back decades.
It'll take more than a sick little slander website to undermine that.
You just remember that when you die, you'll be liable for all your slanders before the Lord our God.
Don't say no one warned you.
* Funny, so many people think your full of it. I have it on good authority that a former Milanist, the administrator of the Ecafe, Maria, has wised up a bit and derided you and your puff piece writings about your synod, and i.e. your whole fake Orthodox vagante group on the private polemic forum there. I guess you haven't seen it since I hear you've been silent there for a while since posting your BS attempt at trying to sound ... I guess wise
Also your buddy, the NFTU reporter, the owner of ecafe, former GOC-K priest who now fancies himself a Orthodox author has made this statement about your synod in the past
I have my suspicions as to what drives him to be associated with you, poor confused chap, He seems like a nice guy, I pray he will wise up and be able to extricated himself from your clutches someday.


We don't claim to be representative of our synods. You yourself will be responsible for the slanders on your (now still private?) Cranky Yankee website and other places (blogs, ecafe, websites) online over the many years you've been telling your tall tales. Now your still playing the part of the victim because you've been called out and bested. Typical narcissistic behavior on your part. Doesn't matter how many lies you keep repeating, you are what you are and it is what it is. I guess vagantes just can't help being that way, they need to keep stacking lie upon lie to keep the show going. But thinking about it I believe you may have really convinced yourself you are the truthful one, so I'll forgive you as being ill and not being able to help yourself

There are no slanders on my website*. You do have a criminal record, ** you are a real stalker, finding ways to get private information***, particularly about people's wives for reasons yet unknown. (I have my suspicions.) ****And then you do your perversion in the name of truth. You're bothersome, you lie, you make up stuff about people who have done nothing to you***** in the name of (I can't even say you do it in the name of Christ, I don't know what drives you), and the only reason I allowed you on this forum was in the name of freedom of speech, even if it hurt me. But guess what you just did, Minas!
You just threw slanderous accusations out against a cleric.
Namely, me.
So.... you're banned. I've just about had enough of you, and you can talk about open forums when you can do something useful besides slandering people. Bye!
* Talk about lie upon lie...
*** I've gotten all my information via stuff he himself and his wife have posted online over the years, as in public, not private information. Narcissists like he and his wife are always posting things to remain in the public eye. They may even forget they have done so, just as compulsive liars also tell so many lie's they have a hard time remembering them all
**** this is so laughable, the way he beats a dead horse. Let me put this in a nice way, I, and nobody I know are, or have ever been, obsessed or stalking your very "special" Second Mate, Pirate Xenia
*****Au contraire, starting vicious rumors about me stalking his wife, starting the slander blog war long before I ever came out with this one to counter his lies !...I would have to say that he had done something to deserve this. Of course in his own twisted mind he believe's he does have the right to do this and invoke the name of Christ, and that I don't and should accept his BS without defending myself  because he thinks he is some kind of canonical Orthodox cleric, he's not, he's full of baloney

 Yea, I'v been banned, who would have thought ? Your all about free speech as long as it's not about all the slanders and lies you project. Slanderous accusations against a cleric ? Your a cleric along the lines of a RPG (role playing game) video game. Need I remind you that you yourself started a slander blog, Cranky Yankee's, (and teamed up with that deluded self appointed prophet Protestant Charismatic who also claims to be Orthodox, Nathan Lee Lewis) to spread your lies against myself, Joanna Higginbotham, and Daniel Everiss, long before I decided to start Journey TO Knuckleheads From the Underworld to shut you up. You couldn't back up what you were saying, I could. Your blog war backfired on you so you had to make it a private, * but not deleted, invite only blog for your fellow cultists.

 We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by Notes From the Underground: True Orthodox and Ecumenical News. Find out more.

* Good news for all you people who love reading fiction, Suaiden's Cranky Yankee blog has gone public again !!!

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