Monday, June 29, 2015



  1. I remember a sermon of a ROCOR priest in 2004 just before the election. It went something like this:

    The Church does not endorse one candidate over another or one party over another. You are free to vote for whomever. But, I tell you this: that as an Orthodox Christian, you have an obligation to defend the unborn children in this country whose lives are threatened. We, as Orthodox Christians, are aware that life begins at conception, that the soul of the child is created at conception. Non-Orthodox might not have this knowledge, but we certainly do. And so, if you are eligible to vote, you must vote for one of the candidates who will spare the lives of the unborn, no matter who he is, no matter what party he is in. And we must pray for the souls of these children who are killed before they have a chance to develop.

  2. I realize that Nathan will believe this comment is directed to him. He is welcome to read it, and he will. But it is not directed to him.

    Nathan is up against far more than most of us ever have to face. First, he has been infected with that charismatic "holy spirit". I know non-Orthodox people who have managed to extricate themselves from this demonic spirit, but none I know have been allowed (by the demons) to then enter the Orthodox Church. This is a powerful spirit – the few I've seen escape it have afterwards appeared to be beaten up. For a long time after, many months, their shoulders droop, they look sad, as if in deep mourning, they sigh often, they try to get on with their lives.

    Another thing working against Nathan is his inheritance. His father was a Protestant preacher.
    See Blessed Metr. Anthony's teaching on pastorship – that a "call" to preach, if it does not come from within the Church, is self-delusion. If Nathan's "call" was actually heard and not imagined, then this is more than self-delusion. It would be yet another demon working to destroy Nathan's soul.

    These two spirits, the charismatic and the call to preach, put together are what caused Rdr. Daniel to comment after he saw Nathan's JTO blog several years ago:
    "This is not Orthodox. This is some kind of strange Protestant." Being up against so much, Nathan will not be able to submit to the Church without a miracle. And that is what we pray for ('we' being certain clergy and members of GOC/ROCA). That he humbly return to the GOC/ROCA in repentance and begin the lengthy and difficult healing process. He won't find healing on his own or in the Milan synod...

    I realize that Nathan and Suaiden both will be sickened by my comment. Those are the breaks. It is not meant for them.