Thursday, June 18, 2015


 We don't want to appear like Spell Check Nazi's but Joanna Higginbotham pointed out a curious fact about the self proclaimed prophet of God, Nathan Lee Lewis. She comes to a  conclusion which I agree with... absolute proof that he is not a prophet. If you click on this search link you will see that Nathan has misspelled the word calendar in just about every one of this JTO posts which mention the word calendar. He misspells it as "calender".

Says Joanna : "A good number of posts have the correct spelling, so this is not a
CHRONIC condition of Nathan's, rather a RECURRING condition.

 Here we have absolute proof that Nathan is unfit to be a prophet,
because he misspells calendar"

I don't agree though with her assessment that a good number of his post do contain the correct spelling. Judging by the search results I reckon that he has used the misspelling in 71 of his JTO posts

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    Well, Nathan did delete that post where he criticized people who misspell words.

    Two things come to my mind:
    • Pot calling the Kettle black...
    • People living in glass houses...

    Just a few weeks ago somebody in Argentina pointed out to me that I misspelled Chile (the country) in the RRb side bar. Sure enough, it was spelled Chili in the side bar and everywhere else, too.

    So now, to teach myself to spell it right, I've started to pronounce it right (in my mind).

    soup: chill-ee
    country: chee-lay