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      Prophet Nathan's Final Days In 
                The GOC-K & ROCA

 After leaving the GOC, Nathan turned up at Fr. Gregory Williams ROCA parish in Liberty,Tenn. This was well before the SIR-GOC-K union, so ROCA was still not in communion with the GOC-K at that time. But when he entered the ROCA, he didn't lay all his cards out on the table, as to why he had left his last jurisdiction. Instead he was being quite cryptic, as is his style.
 At first the priest was happy to have him and his family around, as they were very helpful, Fr. Gregory being up there in age and having a extremely hectic workload juggling his priestly duties, the St. John of Kronstadt Press, being administrator of The Haitian Orthodox Mission and his traveling there, as well as to other far away smaller parish missions as the priest. That's not to mention having to care for his own family and home also.

Fr. Gregory has had a long church oriented relationship with Joanna Higginbothan and although amicable most of the time, they have bumped heads once and a while over certain issues.This was one of those periods of time. Joanna had been trying to explain to him about Nathan. We had discovered Nathan's delusion of believing himself to be a prophet from reading his "Orthodox Prophets" and "Journey To Orthodoxy" blogs. This delusion was directly responsible, I believe, as to why he left his last priest. He had refused to remove his "Orthodox Prophets" blog, even after the GOC bishop had asked him to because of it's inappropriate contents.
Nathan had been complaining to Fr. Gregory about us, alleging harassment. But he was not letting on as to the real reasons why he was claiming this. He made a post some time later in order to justify his departures from the GOC-K and ROCA. He called it "Preach It Brother!" In it he wrote
"I have often been subjected to the assertion that all that came before was prelest, deception, and the workings of demons. It took me a while, and two sectarian-minded priests to realize that that is a modern form of phariseeism birthed of isolation. One priest actually told me that if I were to leave his communion, there would be "no salvific grace for me in the sacraments".  Another told me that I should get out of the film industry."
 It's obvious that here he is referring to his last two jurisdictions and  priests. It's my conjecture that it was the GOC-K priest who said if he were to leave his communion there would be no grace in the sacraments. Of course, this is Nathan's take on what was actually said. I believe the priest who told him he should quit the film industry must have been Fr Gregory. He goes on to say:  
"I currently even have "orthodox" pharisees decrying the fact that I am in the film industry. One condemned, as "folly", the fact that I am in Hollywood, working, during Lent, as if there is no Lent in California"

Obviously, Nathan has more than a couple of people who don't subscribe to his notions of "Orthodoxy", and they have been letting him know this from the get go. I know that one of the "Orthodox pharisee's" he's referring to is myself, taken from a unpublished comment I had made to a previous post. He had written about a planned trip to Hollywood during Lent, supposedly to look for work by "rubbing a few elbows ". I'm not sure how that all worked out but I am sure he must have had a great time. My own personal opinion in regards to this trip is that he probably financed it using some poor sucker's money sent him after one of his many plea's of support, allegedly for making "quality Orthodox films". He says he has a "film production company", which I believe probably exists only on paper and a website. This is the second so called production company he's supposedly had to make Christian films that I've become aware of  by reading his earlier blog posts. To my knowledge, not one, not even one crappy quality "Orthodox film" has ever been produced so far. If there is one ever actually completed it will, for sure be, "highly anticipated" and "riveting". He just loves using these words to describe books and films he likes. 
   Anyway, I had mentioned this trip to Hollywood to Joanna and she made the Lent remark and I agreed with it. So, I decided I would mention it to him in a comment. I knew he would never publish it because he will only publish comments that make him look good.

I knew this comment would anger him so much that he would just have to write another one of his whining posts to justify his actions. He called it "Look to the Hills". In it he says :
  "Let them call you a "church hopper". Let them accuse you of not "submitting to your priest". Who cares!? Choose to live the abundant life!"
 "If you are in such a church and the church will not change, leave, before it changes you."
This shows Nathan Lewis's Protestant geared mindset. If one church isn't your style just go on to the next shopping center. Never mind if the next one is not canonical or is hetetical or vagante, or whatever! If they tell you something you don't like hearing then leave. Change the teachings of the church if you can. Be a reformer or let them change for you, if not look to the hills? Obviously he believes he knows much more than the Church. He's a prophet who doesn't need to answer to anyone, for any of his actions, that's his credo. This all makes for a great Protestant but a truly rotten Orthodox.


Let's get back to my narrative. The priest then started to take a closer look at all the un-Orthodox nonsense Nathan had authored on his blogs. He finally understood just what Nathan was really all about. Yet, he hadn't given up on him and thought he would try to pastor him out of all his folly. The only effect this had was to make Nathan threaten to write his bishop and also Metropolitan Agathangel. He thought by doing so it would get Fr. Gregory to back off. In his imagination, he believed the priest would actually get reprimanded for not going along with his delusions of grandeur, which existed in his mind. This all just goes to show just how twisted this man's reasoning is.
Basically this all is the same pattern he followed before leaving the GOC in a big huff. Only there, the priest was the one who contacted the bishop first. The GOC bishop told Nathan that his "Orthodox Prophets" blog was neither proper or acceptable to the Orthodox Church. He ordered that he remove it immediately. Nathan refused, and hit the road in a hissy fit, as he ended up doing again when he left ROCA.

The bishop was shown material from the "Orthodox Prophets" blog and also from the Pentecostal/Charismatic infused "Journey To Orthodoxy" blog. The situation was also explained to the Metropolitan and he understood just who and what Fr. Gregory was dealing with. Nathan finally understood also after he was rebuffed. He never returned, staying away to lick his wounds and regroup.    
 Some months later we had learned that he had, at some point, joined The Autonomous True Orthodox Metropolia Of North And South America And The British Isles-Who-Follow-The-Made-Up- Western-Rite-Because-We-Are-Not-Eastern-However-We-Definitely-Do-Have-Apostolic-Succession-Because-We-Say-So, or something like that. Myself, I just like to call it, The Regurgitated Milan Synod for short.

  On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 12:55 AM, Joanna Higginbotham emailed me:> wrote:
   Help me find Nathan's blog posts that reveal his delusion. I want to give Fr. Gregory a report to show the bishop. I was looking
through the "Orthodox Prophets" blog, then the "Journey To Orthodoxy" blog starting with the most recent post and working back. When I got to Rose-ites
* Nathan left a convenient list of related posts at the bottom.
  * Roseites, A derogatory label Lewis uses to define anyone who reads and believes the very Orthodox teachings of Fr. Seraphim Rose. He even wrote a long, inaccurate posting about the subject

 On 1/21/13, MR. XRISTIDIS <> wrote:

  Sorry that I haven't had much time to go through all his stuff yet but there's more than enough stuff on both his blogs to show what he is all about. What does he expect by writing to Met. Agathangel, to be appointed church prophet? The man is a nut.

 On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Joanna Higginbotham <> wrote:
  I saw where Nathan answered some of my anti-charismatic posts [whichI hadn't seen before] and he puts words in my mouth and accused me of things untrue. In his "Rose-ites and the Charismatic Gifts" JTO post he says I said he has "incomplete salvation."  Actually I say that he has an "incomplete conversion".

 MR. XRISTIDIS <> wrote:
  I think Nathan is a controlling person and he and Fr. Gregory bumped heads, he has stated in his OP blog that "A prophet does not seek nor require the permission or approval of a priest, bishop or king for it is often to such that he is called to speak" I wonder what exactly Nathan put in the letter to  Met. Agathangel? He probably pulled a suaidenistic move and reported us too. Again, he is some kind of a nut.
On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 3:33 PM, Joanna Higginbotham <> wrote:
 Whatever Nathan wrote, it will be dismissed when Metropolitan Agathangel understands that Nathan thinks he is a Prophet. Even if what he says has a grain of truth.  Fr. (name deleted by me) was alerted last fall, and also Fr. (name deleted by me). I sent Fr. Gregory another copy of the email I got from the GOC"s Fr. (name deleted by me) which indicates the bishop was involved there too
My 3 main points are:
1) Nathan thinks he is a prophet
2) Nathan was a prophet before he entered the Orthodox Church
3) Nathan won't listen to anyone, even a bishop.
  Then, 4th, if I can, I wish to show that Nathan wants to bring charismatic gifts into Orthodoxy [ROCA]. But I haven't yet found that "Calling All Prophets" post I saw once...I'm thinking, too, to point out that Nathan says his background is Baptist.  But that is misleading. His salient history is the Charismatic.*
 *Or I would say the Pentecostal mindset.

  I was told this by someone (who wishes to remain nameless) who was there, that the very last time Nathan had attended Fr. Gregory's church...

 " He had come to the Nativity vigil, but hadn't come to the liturgy. He handed Fr. Gregory * his proposed letter to the bishop. I suppose as some kind of subtle threat. It was Nativity afternoon with not a word concerning the feast! I overheard the priest tell him he could do nothing with it until his calendar work was over. Nathan informed him that they wouldn't be back until this matter was resolved, to his satisfaction I presumed. Of course this would have been out of the question."
 *Fr. Gregory has stated that he is praying for Nathan and his family and asks for prayer on their behalf. He also said that the door is always open for Nathan to return to the Church if he were to repent of his prophet delusion.

Nathan has finally removed his Orthodox Prophets blog. 
 He had made it a private, invitation only blog after leaving ROCA. I commented to him and told him that I had cut and pasted stuff from it and also took screenshots. I told him that I would use them to prove he believes he is a prophet. I believe he must have deleted it finally after hearing this. He has of late been trying to deny all this about himself and make it look like I'm slandering him. However, if you were to read through his endless postings on his JTO blog about prophets, a couple post there that he had actually even transferred from his OP.  or watch this video he had posted on You Tube called "The Plight of the Prophet" It would be enough proof about what I say as being true about him.
Now here is a Protestant blog that deals with prophecy called "Truth Matters". The last time it was active was back in 2008. Nathan had left two comment, using two different ID's on a positive leaning post there called " Prophet in an Orthodox Cossock" which was about none other than the Moscow Patriarch  KGB/FSB Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev, who now is the chairman of the Department of External Church Relations. In other words, the ecumenical dept. of the Moscow Patriarchate !
Here are Nathans two comments, one which praises Alfeyev  and also basically try to promote his JTO and OP blogs. He also promots a link to another blog, which is still active, that he calls
This is a private, invitation only blog. I can only imagine what may be contained in it. His two comments are:
Nathan Lee Lewis said...
Thanks for recognizing the brotherhood and the valid salvation of this Orthodox Bishop. It is rare that one in your realm of religious culture would do so. Orthodox Christians also refrain from judging the salvation of the non-orthodox believer. There is much more truth to be found in the church established by the Apostles. I invite you to visit me at and
A Sinner said...
Please also visit


  1. At first when Nathan came to our parish in Tennessee, we didn't realize right away what was wrong. We just thought that Nathan had a "Baptist-style" – and assumed he was Orthodox at heart, or else why would he be here? I figured out what was going on before Fr. Gregory did. (I had more time to examine Nathan blogs.) In the meantime Fr. Gregory saw me as a trouble-maker. Nathan kept complaining to Fr. Gregory about my anti-charismatic posts and both Minas and my unwanted comments/questions on his JTO blog.

    This opened an old wound from unresolved strife that Fr. Gregory and I had suffered in the past. But once Fr. Gregory saw what was going on, we were able to see eye-to-eye in the matter with Nathan; and (praise God!) also in the matter of our old strife. We are closer now than if we had never suffered the strife at all.

    This true reconciliation was tested. Nathan published on his blog a private email from Fr. Gregory written before Fr. Gregory saw what was going on. In it Fr. Gregory expressed his at-that-time low opinion of me. The publishing of that email should have caused embarrassment and grief for us. But we passed the test. Both of us see it is in the past, water under the bridge, and we pay it no mind.

  2. Update: now since more time has passed I see a bit more than just "water under the bridge". Past is past, surely, but also now I even see Fr. Gregory's old "anti-Joanna letter" like a cross turned into a victory symbol. Nathan and Suaiden published it to cause harm. It was intended as an instrument of torture and humiliation, but instead it served as a means to overcome strife, and so brings joy and great peace.

    Re-reading this post, I want to explain why #2 was an important point to make to Vladyka Agafangel.

    "... 2) Nathan was a prophet before he entered the Orthodox Church ..."

    Prelest that develops AFTER a person is baptized is different from delusion that was never washed away (repented) at baptism. Prelest that develops after baptism is usually caused by the person taking pride in ascetic accomplishments. This person can be healed because ultimately he does trust the Church. He submitted to Her at baptism, and he can be returned once again to the Church when he is shaken out of his "sleep" and hears and recognizes Her voice.

    Delusion that was never repented before baptism is the hardest to cure. This person never completely submitted to the Church in the first place. He held back something. Nathan claims he explained (confessed) everything, but he did not – obviously. Or else we would not have 2 priests saying they had not been aware at the time.

    In the case of a person who did not repent his delusion(s) before baptism, the Church has no authority over that person. He does not accept the Church as his authority. It was important for Vladyka to know that Nathan was one of these over whom the Church does not have authority. Which is why Nathan's brothers, his priests, and even his bishops have no influence over him. In fact, the opposite: Nathan's "holy spirit" is his authority and he wants the Church to submit to that spirit.

    As noted in your post above, Nathan accepted the counsel of two Protestant preachers – because they echo what he already believes. Nathan only listens to people who agree with him. The Church is only there to give him validation, which is why he wants to be a cleric and wear a black robe and call himself "Orthodox" which he is not. This is how we know that Nathan's case is out of our hands, Nathan needs a miracle.

    And we pray for a miracle. A victory over the demon(s) which now have him imprisoned in delusion.