Tuesday, September 1, 2015




Mob Mistress said...
It's ironic that people want to criticize Karen on language. Yet, they do not address Drita's use of language.

I stand by what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Moving along, there is no need to watch the show if one is so bored.

Xenia Suaiden said...
" The "LANGUAGE"? Really? What was one of them speaking freakin' ( A NICE WAY OF SAYING F'ing, I SUPPOSE)  Latin and the other French? "

"NO. It's a god damned accent." ( NOT SO NICE EXPLETIVE FOR A DEACONESS TO USE) "A New York accent to be precise."

" The host was or is a CNN hopeful, that's the facts jack, ya' don't have to like 'em but they are in your face " 
"Further more if ya wanna try and have some cohones," ( OH THAT'S A SPANISH SLANG WORD FOR TESTICLES!) "get a poll up "("GET A POLL UP", I WONDER WHAT SHE COULD BE REFERRING TO ?)

  "and see JUST HOW MANY PEOPLE thought she was out of PLACE. But that won't happen, because every good host should be a nice CNN Broadcaster, no? After all",

" Big Money flip the bill and the little people only get to flip the finger. ( SHE PROBABLY FLIPS IT QUITE A BIT I WOULD BET ) Truth..."( THAT'S THE TRUTH )
Xenia Suaiden said...
              " Will someone please confirm that Ramona finally got a piece of cake! " (I CAN ONLY GUESS WHAT SHE MEANS BY THAT)
Anonymous said...
          'The truth is Love probably had a full EdTV experience in a bad way. A week before she was let go she complained on Twitter that she was being edited to look like a villian.
If she said that on the reunion show, the show likely will never see a season four. Studying the finale just made me lose any shred of respect I had for Carla. If she called a miscarraige an abortion in public before the Twitter war she probably got off easy to be honest."

--Fr Joseph


  1. This is Suaiden's fault. If a woman finds herself married to a psychopath, she has 3 choices:

    1. let him destroy her, or destroy herself (suicide)
    2. become a psychopath like him
    3. leave him

  2. Yesterday Xenia emailed me a highly critical and quite angry scolding, basically telling me to stop judging and mind my own business. She wrote,

    "I watch what I want, when I want to watch it. ... it doesn't concern you, the general public, your safety or salvation, to know what I'm watching and when."

    I think I'm going to take her advice.

    To set things straight, she also wrote:

    "For the record, I didn't read the memes, nor anything on that site, I went right to your comment."

  3. I wasn't going to publish this meme. I made it quite some time ago actually, as you know Joanna. I showed it to you and you asked me not to publish it, I guess you felt sorry for Xenia Suaiden. Joseph Suaiden left me another comment, as he has before several times, which I never published. Hey, why should I, his co-slanderer Nathan Lee Lewis never would publish any of my own that I left on his blog, only make deceitful comments about what I wrote in my comments. To me, they are two, too ripe peas in a pod, I don't owe them jack. Actually several days ago I did include links to their own blogs on this one in case anyone wants to check out what they have to say. You can't say the same thing about them, they're the chickens. I'm not afraid of what they write about me. I did visit his Cranky Yankee slander blog yesterday and saw his recent post about me not publishing his comments here and he's singing the same old song, calling me a liar and trying to draw me into some sort of debate with him. He even calls me a chicken and put a chicken photo on the post. Everyone knows the man can't make a decent meme. I'm not playing his game. If he, and Nathan want to end this then let him admit he is slandering me about stalking his present wife. Let Nathan stop slandering me. Let them both make a public apology, no I'm not holding my breath, they're both too into this deep and too narcissistic to admit any wrong. I decided to published his post because of what Suaiden's comment said. The jerks can go put that in their pipes and smoke it.

  4. She, Xenia, went right to the comments without reading the meme's ! Really? I seriously doubt that, I think she just doesn't want to address what is in the meme, the comments she made on the Mob Wives fan forum. Is this show still on the air Xenia ?

  5. I do not believe it either. By my observation she is playing a classic narcissist game of "Ping Pong". I'm posting the email conversation here:

    tiny url goes here:

    Anyone interested can observe for himself.