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I just happened to come across these links,  which are delving into the troubled mind of the infamous Mr. Euthymios Valdez,...a very sour personage, who seems to live in a constant state of being offended by just about everyone and everything, but who regrettably , is all too familiar to those whom he takes  his personal internet revenge on, [ or so he claims] by posting on the internet, his malicious exposes of their supposed crimes and sins and misdeeds [ their 'high crimes and misdomeaners'], -according to his standards....i.e. how they have slighted and rudely offended him, etc. (which seems to be his bottom line interpretation of, 'the canons'). 
  I am still amazed that you-tube allows such clear and outrageous slander.
Listening to his hypnotic moronic droning narrative,  one's first gut-feeling is to wish to be able to punch him in his face.

 I suspect that this may have been done to him, by some Protestants.
But, oops!...that would be violating his book of canons!
With all of his unbalanced and off-based attacks upon traditional Orthodoxy and especially its clergy, [ though now, he enthusiastically approves of modernist/worldly Orthodoxy....are they 'more canonical'???]  One wonders why he didn't just stay in his evangelical Protestant original religious affiliation.
Apparently, they must have also shut their doors to him...and perhaps given him their un-canonical boot?

 Yet, he does have an internet viewers list. Why?...scandal mongers?
One of his current positional intriguing statements, [which provokes my own memory search as to my own life's experiences with such a peculiar question,]  claims that Worldly Orthodox clergy are nicer and kinder to him, ...'more Christian', etc., ].... but are they  also, 'more canonical' too?, ] than we mean non-caring nasty traditionalists, etc.
I don't find that that statement of his is true to life.
 I can say, that I never could come to such a gross generalization or twisted a conclusion. As with any or all clergy, as with any persons, each human being has a different personality....which has nothing to do with canons or whatever else.


 But no one,  ordained clergy or laity, has to endlessly put up with constantly overbearing and very rude unhelpful people, like this mentally deranged obnoxious guy,  who makes it his mission to visit them in their churches or monasteries or rectories, before they show him the door, or at least say: 'Go with God!'.
 And another important fact about Euthymios Valdez's  malicious verbal internet attacks on traditionalist clergy:
From listening to his own words on his you-tube videos:
Very few of those he attacks, has he actually personally met, or even been to their churches or monasteries or homes.
Apparently to his mind, their real crime is...ignoring him.
Most of those clergy whom  he denigrates or defames on the internet,  he states that: "I have heard it said by.... someone',  ' somebody told me', or 'some suspect that', and also, his most surprising and absurd slanderous accusation, and  self-statement of all of them: 'I do not personally know if this is true, but....".  etc.
If that isn't pure slander, what is?

I could say much more about him, as I personally know and/or have had mutual email conversations with some of those clergy he defames  and slanders.
From their input to myself: they have, all,  bent over backwards to be Christian and kind and caring and solicitous  to him, but he accepts NO spiritual advice from any of them, nor will he come to their churches for worship and the sacraments, ...i.e.  he gives those clergy absolutely no respect.
Another aspect:  while there are some serious dividing issues that my ROCA and the GOC has with RTOC  and other Russian 'fragments' as ROCiE and ROAC also,  etc,....those real issues, Valdez never addresses, and those issue ARE canonical problems. No doubt, he is not even aware of them, though he is such an expert on all things Orthodox (?)
Nor, in his new found modernist/worldly Orthodox sympathies, does he not see that they exactly are QUITE un-canonical, and betraying the pure Orthodox faith, [ about which, this character knows little about],  in many many ways. Plus, I wonder if any of those clergy really like or can tolerate Mr. Valdez, and if so, for how long. He hurls slander on all he associates with, sooner or later.

 Soon, he will be running his defamatory videos on some of them too.
Mighty-Man, Euthymios  Valdez, would find fault [ no doubt he must] with Jesus Christ Himself! and label Him, as 'un-canonical', especially if He sent down a lightening bolt on him.
As you must have noticed, it is interesting to view some of his self-centered videos of his non-church interests, with his weird photos. They give us a clearer picture of him. He is no spiritual giant, that is for sure.


Conferring with some of those he attacks, I conclude that he is quite mentally and spiritually off-balanced, is to be pitied, is not to any degree a sincere Orthodox believer, and is one which we have no choice but to avoid. Clergy have told me: 'He accepts no spiritual direction or help that we try to give him, none whatsoever',...and he does what he wants, so we have no other choice, but to tell him, -then in that case, go your own way, DO AS YOU WISH, and Goodbye.'
Yet, because of the internet, he has an audience, unfortunately.
His daily morning prayer has to be:  "Thank God that I am not as these publicans!" (what I would label as, 'The Prayer of St. Pharisee').Emoji
Rd. Daniel Everiss