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 A cardinal sin, an unforgivable error, not giving Euthymios Valdez  the proper attention and respect he so desperately needs and demands!forum/blogger - TYPE "EUTHYMIOS"   INTO THE SEARCH BOX. YOU CAN ALSO TRY A SEARCH FOR "TRUE CHRISTIAN VIDEOS", WHICH IS VALDEZ. YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO FIND THIS, AS HE HAS TRIED TO DELETE HIS POSTS THERE, AS EVIDENT BY THESE TWO POST HE MADE ON FEB. 6, 2016, THE DAY I MADE THIS KFTU POST.

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How Do I Delete A Post?

by True Christian Videos

Feb 6
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I thought my posts were deleted a couple weeks ago, only to discover today that they are still up.  So I click on "Action" to delete my posts, only to find they won't delete. My posts are "locked," (I have no idea why), so I click on "unlock," only to find they won't unlock. I see to the right the words:

"this topic is a duplicate --->"

(whatever that means)
So I click on it, only to find the page it is pointing to does not exist.
Can someone tell me how to delete all my posts, how to unlock, and why the buttons "unlock" and "delete" do not respond when I click on them?
You really need to simply Google, because your information is extremely confusing and too complex.

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Feb 6

True Christian Videos said:

When I type in my name my threads are appearing. How do I get them all deleted?
You should at least give people the option to edit.

Also, what does the little check box next to this thread mean? There is no explanation for the check box, and nothing explaining what it means to be empty or checked.
And why do my recent threads show when I am logged off, but not when I am logged in?

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DMCA Complaint Against Slanderous Blogger Who Harrasses and Uses My Videos and Photos

by Euthymios

Jan 2

I'm going to try this one last time, because the last thread got nowhere whatsoever, and literally all the information provided was completely incorrect and false.
I am a Youtube member, with almost 400 videos. I have never once received a strike. But there is a psychopathic google blogger/stalker who is using pictures from my videos, and even uploaded my videos onto his blog page--even ones I had already removed--and all of this without my permission. He has harassed me, and numerous other respected people in the Greek Orthodox community. In addition, he has used and altered numerous business logos and trademarks from several respected companies--a crime punishable by law. I proved to Google that he had uploaded my videos onto his blog page, but they wrote and said they are not taking action against him, but they gave no reason. So I am appealing to the corporate office, because the people working for google are obviously not the brightest people in the world.  Also, some of the companies I reported the psychopath to, are suing him. Had Google removed his threads, this never would have happened. I hope they sue google as well.
So, can anyone tell me specifically how I would file a DMCA complaint a Google blogger? I keep getting different links, and they all contradict each other and lead absolutely nowhere.

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